This unique new packable design is the lightest hunting boot on the market. The goal was to develop a comfortable lace-up boot that had outstanding fit and lacing control while significantly reducing wear fatigue and heightening comfort. The all new EVA mid and Pod outsole has dramatically lightened the boot frame while offering exceptional cushioning support and grip on wet surfaces. Hunters are given outstanding scent control with Inscentable® scent-masking barrier, along with an agion® antimicrobial treatment. The Pursuit Shadow is an ideal choice in the treestand or on a long stalk, even if the temperature drops severely.
• Insulation: 5mm of Neoprene with Fleece Lining and a full waterproof gusset
• Upper: Spandora® with Inscentable® Scent Masking, Rubber and EVA 3D Print for support
• Camouflage: REALTREE XTRA®
• Insole: etc® Socklinger
• Midsole: EVA
• Outsole: Rubber Pod
• Height 15”
• Pair Weight 3 lbs.

Rubber boots have long adorn the feet of outdoor enthusiasts. Being from the Pacific Northwest I know this better than most. We west coast folk know that they only real way to keep dry is with a good pair of rubber boots. Well, that is until MUCK boots hit the scene. MUCK boots are like the love child of the rubber boots of the past and the Neoprene boots of the future. They took two great products and made them one and the result was nothing short of amazing. So, where the others once ruled MUCK boots threw out a hip check and took its rightful place on top of the hill.
One of the fundamental problems with traditional rubber boots was there inability to stay securely fastened to your feet. Lord knows I have crawled out of many a mud hole in my stocking feet as my boots had been pulled clean off. The designs changed and the fit was adjusted but ultimately the boots would always find a way to fall off. MUCK boots has found a way to combat that problem. The Men’s Pursuit Shadow Tall offer something that I never thought I would see on an exclusively waterproof boot, LACES!

I was sent these great boots at a time where there was not really any water to test them out with. We experienced out best winter in the past 10 years and nearly every outing I had was in snow and ice. I was able to get out for an end of season goose hunt but ultimately I had to wait until spring to truly get out and test these boots. A backpacking river fishing trip was the perfect place to get these boots out and put them to the test.

The water in the spring is bitter cold and the many crossings that are required to get to where we camp creates a perfect opportunity to test both the waterproofing and the hiking comfort of these boots. After that there are multiple day trips to hit the river and catch some fish. I knew I would have a chance to really get some time in these boots.
In one of the areas I had to cross a large bog/swamp area. This is a series of walking in and out of muddy flooded areas. This type of area has an insatiable appetite for boots having swallowed more than a few pairs in the past. This was a great testing area and I was excited to see just how well these boots would do.

I found that the Pursuit Shadow tall boots not only are extremely comfortable they are impossible to pull off once tied. Gone are the days of lost boots sucked off my feet by the hungry mud beasts that have long plagued my past. MUCK boots has given me a weapon to vanquish there boot lust and for that I am thankful!

There is one small issue that I found during my trip and that was a matter of the height. The boots appear to be taller than they are actually watertight. The tongue of the boot has a cut in it about 2’’ from the top of the boot.

Muck boot review

This means the boot is not watertight above that area. I found this out the hard way while crossing a nasty swamp. The scent free aspect of these boots is not all that important to me as I am a believer in playing the wind but it might be an enticer for others. I also am not really sold on the temperature rating of -20F. I did try and use the boots on an unsuccessful goose hunt with temps in the +20F and found my feet to be pretty chilly during idleness.
My overall assessment of the boots is that they are pretty darn nice. I fear that they will not hold up against a lot of abrasive things like sharp rocks and sticks. I have not had issue with this as of yet so I cannot use it as a negative against the boot. What I can say is that they are comfortable, watertight most of the way up to the top, and they look pretty cool.

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What can be done better?
I would like to see them find a way to make sure the boots are watertight to the top. I just like the idea of being able to look down and know exactly how far I have until my feet are going to get wet. The laces and overall comfort of the boot are great. I think the price point is a bit high but that goes for nearly all things these days. Lastly, I think the temperature rating is a bit over exaggerated but do feel these boots will keep your feet warm through most of the hunting season. So I think to sum this up I feel these boots are a great innovative option for those who are tired of having their old boots come off in the mud.

I find these boots to be a 4 Star boot and may update that score after some more testing.

MUCK boots Men’s Pursuit Shadow Tall Review
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