Master fit EZfit Terra

Basic Description:
This is an auto adaptable insole that is meant to adjust overtime to your natural arch and has Shock-tuned PoronTM pads that help to absorb impact and therefore reduce hotspots and foot fatigue.

I have worn these insoles quite a lot for the last few months and they are an insole that is designed to adjust to your foot and arch over time. They also have a fairly deep heel cup, pronounced arch and a generous forefoot pad.
I have a medium arch wide foot that is low volume, so finding an insole that works for me takes some time. To cut right to the chase it took quite awhile for me to get used to these insoles and break them in. I absolutely loved the cushioning and the support they offered. I went on an 18 mile day hike with them and 40 lbs in my pack scouting in late August. Elevation gain loss for the day was around 6,000 feet with 4-5 miles being off trail. The insoles performed very well. But my arches were a little sorer than I like and more than I have experienced in the past doing trips like this. I think over that long of distance the more pronounced arch was a little too high for my feet. I will say I do have baby feet and have issues with blisters. After this trip I had no blisters and only one soft spot on the back of my heel, which was obviously from my boots not the insoles.
I would recommend these if you have a medium to high arch foot and would maybe stray away if you have a low arch/flat foot. I think it is just too far for them to adjust and flex with flat feet and causes too much pressure over long periods of time.

What they could do better:

Maybe they could offer a lower arch version as well to accommodate more people. But overall this is a great product.

Master fit EZfit Terra Review
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