By Ellie & Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

We’ve cut weight and streamlined our Innox GTX Mid design; the result is an athletic boot with a bi-injected DynaPU® midsole for superb rebound, durability and cushioning and MONOWRAP® for stability and support. It’s ideal for fast-packing or anytime you want to travel fast and light but need the stability that comes with a hiking boot. 100% vegan. Durably waterproof/breathable.

  • Upper: Synthetic/Microfiber
  • Lining: GORE-TEX
  • Insole: ATC
  • Midsole: Double Injection DynaPU®
  • Outsole: LOWA Multi Trac®
  • Stabilizer: ATS Soft
  • Weight: 450 g/Single Shoe
  • Country of Origin: Slovakia


My Story:

I love to hike. Something about being in areas that are relatively untouched by man, well, it really gets me excited! I love hiking with my family and when doing so I need to know that they are set up with quality gear. I believe a person’s setup should start at the ground and go up so the first thing we look at is boots.

After Summer OR I had this idea of doing a combination review of the Lowa Innox boots. My daughter Ellie and I find ourselves on the most adventures so I decided that she and I should test these great boots. My long standing love affair with Lowa boots is not one that I have tried to hide and I was excited to try another product from a company that had been with me on some of my greatest adventures.

What the boots arrived I decided to follow my usual break-in process. I unboxed the boots and slapped them on my feet before I headed off to work. By the time I made it to my car I was extremely impressed. The Innox feel like a high top sneaker and they are just a joy to walk in which had me super excited to get these boots into the wilds.

Testing was a bit weird for us this year as we had to split up our efforts. I volunteer for a youth camp each summer and it is a perfect area for testing boots. During the camp we hike, play dodgeball, fish, climb rock walls and spend countless hours on our feet. This year I trusted my Lowa Innox boots to carry me through camp and I was not sad about it at all.

Because of the summer months being so warm in Eastern Washington I opted to choose the non-waterproof version of the Innox boots. These would be the only pair of non-Gore-Tex boots I own so I was excited to try them out. I chose this as I wanted to have the comfort and support but I was looking for a bit more breathability in the boots.

Of course the rain decided to show its face and taunt me for not having Gore-Tex but I found that as long as I was not walking through wet grass or puddles I was not in terrible discomfort. The breathable construction of the boots does allow water to penetrate so you will need to be realistic about your intended use when purchasing. Remember you can choose an Innox that has Gore-Tex so if you expect water crossings or wet conditions I would go that route.

I am unsure of the mileage that I put on these boots over the course of a week but I know it was extensive and I pushed the athletic ability of the Innox boots. I found these to be the most comfortable Lowa boots I have ever worn and I have nothing negative to report. I really loved these boots.

As a dual review it was time to see how my daughter Ellie was liking her version of the Innox boots. For her we choose the Gore-Tex version as she would be using them on our annual hiking trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. There are several creek crossings and I wanted to make sure her feet would stay dry. We also used her Innox for the 2019 deer season. Ellie has around 100 miles on her Innox at this point and she, well……. I’ll let her tell you her thoughts.

Ellie’s Thoughts on the Lowa Innox:

“My dad always makes sure I have good boots. We hike a lot and he always says that boots are one of the most important pieces of gear you can have. I was really excited when the Innox boots showed up at the house because it was a surprise to me. My dad handed me a box and when I opened it I was really excited because the boots were so pretty. I love the color and they just looked awesome.

We went on our hiking trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness and I was a bit nervous. Last year it was really hard and I got some pretty bad blisters. I felt a little better this year because I’m bigger and I had a new backpack to use. I also had some new boots that felt really comfortable. I had been wearing my Innox boots around town and they felt like my basketball shoes.

We made it to camp and I was really tired. I sat down and took off my boots. No blisters! I was just so happy with my new boots. We hiked to three different lakes and my sister and I went on a bunch of other adventures around camp. My feet never hurt once.

When hunting season came I knew that boots I was going to use. My dad and I always go on really long hikes when we deer hunt and I wanted to have comfortable boots. This year was the longest hike we have ever done while hunting. It was really hard because we had to climb lots of hills and big rock outcroppings. I was hurting all over and super tired but my feet never bothered me at all.

We hunted for two full days and I was lucky enough to harvest a nice buck. My Lowa Innox boots held up great and I never had a single problem with them. My dad really likes Lowa and I do too. Thanks for making such a great boot Lowa!”

~Ellie McLaughlin


Well there you have it. Two completely different perspectives ending with the same opinion. Ellie and I both love Lowa and the new Innox boots. We really think that you will be happy with these boots and hope your adventures are as memorable as ours have been.

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What can be done better?

Nothing. These boots fit into their perspective category perfectly and offer exceptional comfort. You won’t regret your purchase.   




  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability