Kenetrek Mountain Safari Boot Review

Editor: Randy

Basic Description of item:

Kenetrek’s Mountain Safari boot is specially designed for support and comfort in warmer temperatures and dryer conditions. This boot is Non-Insluated with no waterproof membrane giving the boot maximum breathability in warm weather. The 2.8 mm thick leather provides excellent support and durablilty and the K-Talon high traction outsoles will keep you “gripping the trail” less traveled. The Mountain Safari is 8″ tall and very light in weight at only 3.7 lbs a pair.

Just the Facts:

If you have been searching for a very durable, great warm weather boot Kenetrek’s Mountain Safari is an ideal fit for use in the High Desert terrain of southern Utah or the inhospitable desert mountains of Arizona, Nevada, California or Mexico. These specific boots were designed by Kenetrek to provide you with the support and comfort desired in warm temperatures. The non-insulated Mountain Safari is lined with perforated calf skin that enhances breathability and the wicking of perspiration from your feet.  I found it perfect for my early fall sheep hunts in southern Utah and love the extra support the 8” height gives me. It is also slightly lighter than Kenetrek’s very tough Desert Guide boot. Suggested retail price for the Mountain Safari is $359.00 but if you shop around I believe you can some a better price on specials.


As a desert sheep guide who spends hundreds of hours each year scouting and hiking the most inhospitable, isolated canyon country there is in southern Utah, I demand a boot that will stand up to the abuse this terrain represents. I can’t afford to have sore feet and depend on a supportive, rugged, light and comfortable boot while hiking mile upon mile. I get the opportunity to field test a lot of boots and have always found Kenetrek to manufacture the very best in hunting/hiking footware. I’ve had great experiences with their Hardscrabble Hiker and Desert Sheep Guide before deciding it was time to try out their taller 8” Mountain Safari primarily designed for hotter hunting weather. Jim Winjum shipped the Safari’s to me in early August and I have been pounding the heck out of them ever since.

Over past two months I have used this boot extensively for scouting, backpacking and hunting elk, desert sheep and mountain goat in some really harsh terrain. My Mountain Safari’s have already logged hundreds of miles. As with all Kenetrek boots there didn’t seem to be any break in period as the boots fit me perfectly. Please note that the Mountain Safari’s do seem to fit just a little wider than both the Desert Guide and Hardscrabble Hiker. However, I didn’t find this to be an issue and have not had any problems with hot spots. As always, I encourage everyone to wear a high quality smart wool sock with a polypropylene liner.

I was told by Jim that I may wear the soles of these boots down a little quicker than those on my Desert Guides but so far they have held up very well to the abrasive sandstone that I spend much of my time hiking on. The support these boots have given to my ankles has been greatly appreciated.

What They Could Do Better:

Kenetrek is what I refer to as “a quality company.” I’ve always found Jim Winjum and his team to be very receptive and helpful every time I have contacted them. You just won’t find better people anywhere. The Mountain Safari is simply an outstanding buy if you hike in hot weather. I would recommend that anyone purchase this finely crafted footwear.

Kenetrek Mountain Safari Boot Review
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