Kenetrek Grizzly Pac Boots

Kentrek pack boots, are a cold weather boot, meant for tough winter conditions. Cold weather pack boots are ideal for snow hiking, ice fishing, etc.

Editor: Colorado Jake

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Supportive, 6oz. leather uppers with Kenetrek Snug Fit Lacing wrap so securely around your ankle, you’ll feel like your wearing an all leather boot. Removable liners are quilted from three separate layers with a durable wicking synthetic inside, and 400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, as well as 3mm of wool felt. Handmade rubber bottoms have steel shanks and extra stiff midsoles with the K-Talon outsole to keep you on your feet in slippery terrain. We assemble these boots in Bozeman, Montana with the finest components available imported from several countries. Men’s whole sizes (5-15) medium width. Half sizes round up to the next whole size, women order 1-1 1/2 sizes smaller. 5lbs.


Cold feet and hands are my worst enemy. I have poor circulation in both from years of freezing in a duck blind. My hands and feet get so cold from poor circulation that they turn grayish and become hard to bend. I believe they call it “Raynaud’s Syndrome.” Needless to say, I will do whatever it takes to fight off getting to that point.

This year, I was lucky enough to draw a late season elk hunt in AZ. Despite being in Arizona, the temps barely get above freezing with mornings in the low teens. I’m more of a early season hunter, so I made sure to get a good pair of cold weather pac boots before the hunt. Until now, I would just wear heavy socks and try not to stop moving very long. However, the cold would eventually soak through my leather boots and turn my feet into ice blocks.

The Kenetrek Grizzly pac boots were quite the treat this year. With highs only in the low 30’s and stomping through 1-2 ft of snow all day. These boots felt like warm slippers. The rubber bottoms prevented the moisture from soaking into the bottom half and creating a ice block. This made them much more enjoyable to put on each morning. The K-talon tread preformed well while hiking up and down steep snow covered hillsides and across rock outcrops. There was plenty of room in the toe box, and I had limited slipping/rubbing of my heel.

There is a bit more play and less ankle support then a normal pair of hiking boots. If you have weak ankles you will need to spend more time lacing up, wrapping your ankle, and/or slowing down. That being said, I packed out an entire elk solo a mile down a steep hill without a worry. I account some of that to having good knees and ankles.

These boots are a must have for anyone that hunts in cold weather or has poor circulation like me. They have great traction and the rubber bottoms prevent the boots from freezing solid. Another positive for Kenetrek is the customer care department. I had to exchange my pair right before leaving. They were very understanding and overnighted me the new boots just in time for my hunt. I’m very gratefully for that.

What they could do better:
Send me free stuff! LOL
Great company and boot!

Kenetrek Grizzly Pack Boot Review
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