Kenetrek Canada Sock Mid Weight Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
The Kenetrek Canada is a Merino Wool blend tall hunting and hiking sock from Kenetrek. Ideal for high boots, and any weather situation.

Just the Facts:
From Kenetrek Web Page:
When you need tall boot protection without the bulk, slip into this tough as nails medium layer sock with reinforced heel, toe and shins pads so you won’t feel any lacing pressure. Insulates when damp and itch free. Mid-Weight, over the calf. Made in the USA of 33% Merino Wool, 33% Polypropylene, 26% Nylon, 5% Elastic and 3% Lycra. Men’s sizes S(wmns 4-7), M(5-8), L(9-12) XL(13-15).

My Story:
I have been wearing the Kenetrek Canada sock Mid weight hunting and hiking sock for the entire summer and fall. I have worn the boot in the extreme heat of Southern Utah, the cold of Idaho, and in the mild temperatures of the Rocky Mountains.
Suffice it to say I have worn this boot in about all weather conditions imaginable.
In my testing of the Kenetrek socks I have used a variety of boots: Keen, Under Amour, Kenetrek, Crispi, Zamberlan, and Hoffman. The boots have been a mix of mid to tall size boots.

Key Observations:
Kenetrek has put a great deal of thinking and engineering into this sock! There seems to be just the right amount of padding in the all of the right places.

For example, an extra thick area has been sewn into the front of the sock from the top of the foot up through the upper ankle. This prevents the laces, and the grommets from putting pressure on this area, NICE!

Kenetrek has made this sock tight fitting, without a tight fitting feel, believe me you will understand this when you try it on. A tight fitting sock helps prevent movement between the sock and your foot, which leads to blisters. I have yet to have 1 blister pop up when using the Kenetrek socks! They form to your foot, do not allow friction, and just feel great.

Kenetrek socks do a great job of getting moisture away from your foot. Moisture is a blister creator! Let’s face it all feet sweat, some worse than others. A good sock that not only absorbs the sweat, but then gets it away from your foot is vital. The Canada sock does this very thing. The socks have Merino wool which is a great wicking material and ideal for keeping feed dry and breathing.

So, to wrap it all up, Kenetrek socks do the important things very well! They fit snug, thus preventing friction. They wick moisture, thus getting rid of moisture created blister. They are padded in the right places, thus keeping your foot comfortable from rubbing laces.

Well done Kenetrek, your socks are among our very favorite, and we highly recommend them.

What could they do better:
Nothing we can think of.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability