Title of Review: Irish Setter Shadow Trek Hunting Boots Review

Editor: Ryan

Basic Description of Item: Lightweight Waterproof Hunting Boots

Just the Facts:

  • GoreTex fabric lined
  • Cordura upper
  • Rubber toe cap protection
  • Welded TPU midfoot support
  • Cement construction and steel shank
  • 3 pounds when empty


I have gone thru 2 pairs of the shadow trek boots over the past 3 years. On the surface that may sound like the boots wear out too quickly, but it’s more the case that I do a lot of long hikes, often in rugged terrain. I’ve never had a pair of boots that would last 2 years. I needed a good pair of waterproof boots and I prefer the lightweight variety. I found the shadow trek’s on sale & decided to give them a try. They are very lightweight, and have proven extremely comfortable. I liked them enough that when the first pair wore out I immediately purchased another identical pair.

I have worn these boots in many different conditions. They have been 100% waterproof while elk hunting in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah during several downpours. I have worn them while snowshoeing miles into a spring bear bait station. I have relied on them during several mule deer hunting trips to the highcountry of Wyoming. These boots even kept my feet warm during a couple November whitetail hunts in South Dakota when the morning temperatures were in the -10 degree range.

Overall I have been very pleased with these boots. Like I said, I hike more than the average guy, so I think most people could get at least 2 or 3 years out of these boots. For me I get a good year, but shortly thereafter the fabric tends to get a bit ragged & the waterproofing starts to break down. But that is the price you pay for a lightweight boot. If they had more leather, especially near the bottom of the boot I think they would be much more durable, but then they would be heavier as well. I would recommend these boots on that basis. They are not the 5 year boots you may get for 3 times the price & twice the weight. But considering everything they are a great hunting boot.

What they could do better:

  • Make it more durable
  • A more aggressive tread pattern would be nice

Irish Setter Shadow Trek Hunting Boot Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability