Thermocell Heated Insole

Editor: Phillip Hathaway

Basic Description
Heated Insoles for your boots for the cold mornings at work or in the field. 3 settings for warmth.
Just the Facts Water resistant, Comfortable no bulk compared to a regular insole. Heats up to 110 degrees on high. Remote controlled easy to use in the field.

I have spina bifida and wear AFO’s so I can walk. I can not move my toes and they are the first thing that becomes cold on me in the field. These feet warmers provide enough warmth in the whole boot. I do have to keep the heat on medium for my feet to stay warm and turn off for about half hour at a time. I will see how long they last since the box says rechargeable up to 150 times. Value is at a 3.5 if you want to pay the retail of 120.00

What they could do Better?
The battery I believe only last about 5 hours so this makes it kind of bad for a multiple day hunt since you have to have a wall charger to charge them. They do slowly discharge on no heat up to 2% an hour.

Thermocell Heated Insole User Review
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