Danner Combat Hikers Review (user submitted)

Basic Description:
Good toe box for toe room. Waterproof as stated. Needed super minimal break-in time. Time will tell.


Fit: I have a smaller but wide foot. And because of that, I wear medium boots, and prefer an ample toe box. This boot had it all. There was plenty of room for the toes, and they never felt squished together, even after long mountain hikes and hunts.

The directions for lacing these Danner boots were specific (threading the laces through the eyelets), and it works. But to tell you the truth, it was more of an inconvenience tying my boots the way they suggested…so I went back to my original way.

Comfort: The boot felt good from the first time I tried them on. I don’t know if it is me or what, but the “walls/sides” of the boot felt a bit thin. Maybe this was why they felt broken-in from the git-go. But so long as they are durable, protect my feet, and fit in a way that supports my feet and DOES NOT cause discomfort…well…that’s fine with me. Let them be thin. (If they were thin).

Like I said, overall they felt great — and I never got swollen feet or blisters. (FYI…when wearing hunting and hiking boots — wear good, breathable, hiking socks)!!

Support: They felt good. I usually tie my regular everyday boots a smidgen on the loose side. But for my hiking and hunting boots, they are always tied tight. (Always walking, so there will be a continuous blood flow to the feet). This ensures my ankles get the support they need if I should get accidentally step on a rock I did not see, or twist my ankle while climbing. They are not 8″ inch high boots…but sufficient to support my ankles, and yet comfortable enough to hike a few miles in.

Water Resistance: They say they are waterproof, but I have not been in an adverse-enough situation to verify this. I have stepped in creeks, and stomped through super wet grass and marshes – and my feet have stayed dry. But hiked in snow for a few days straight? Nope…not yet.

Traction: They stick pretty good to whatever I have planted my feet on. I am mostly hunting on rocky surfaces, and sandy/gravely ground. And in the latter environments, they have worked fine. Nothing out of the ordinary to catch my attention.

Temp Control: I am in California, so there is not extreme cold weather hear. (I do not go high into the Sierras or Tahoe). But they were comfortable in my last jaunt of 104-degree weather. There were parts of my body that were cooking and super uncomfortable, but my feet were not one of them. They breathed well, and my socks were not drenched in sweat when removed.

Ease of Use: Like I said, they suggest a unique way of lacing the shoe laces. I tried it…it worked…but I put it back to the way I have always done it. It was too hard to snug-up the laces when I did it their way. Kinda hard to explain so you would understand if you do not have a pair, or have read their suggested directions.

Features: I like the way they look (their style), and am happy with it. If it were up to me, I would have just gone with speed laces for hunting/hiking boots. But from what I understand, they started-off as boots for the military. But then again, I am an ex Army Ranger, and speed laces would have worked better.

Construction & Durability: They seem sturdy enough. Nothing has torn. The sole has not separated from the boot. The rubber parts have not cracked yet. The eyelets are still going strong. No unusual wearing of the boot from my recent mountain and hunting treks. So far it seems good. (Going on one year now).

Conditions: Like I mentioned before, I am a hiker and hunter. I DO NOT wear these boots at home while walking the concrete jungle. My boots ONLY have an outdoors smell on them (I am a bow hunter), and I keep them stored with my hiking/hunting clothes. I usually hit mountainous and rocky terrain, and on some occasions wet lower valleys. (Bowhunting hawgs).

Danner Combat Hikers Review (user submitted)
  • Funtionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability