Crispi Hunter HTG GTX Boot Review

Editor: Wade

Where to get them:

Just the Facts

Upper: Greased, water-repellent nubuk
Gore-tex®: Insulated Comfort Footwear Lining.  This boot can be used down to Minus 20 degrees depending on the consumers activity and mobility.
A.B.S.S.: Ankle Bone Support Structure, a Crispi Orginal

MIdsole:  Constructed insole with differentiated structure
Vibram®: Sole with Supergrip mixture and shock absorbing midsole
Protection: Rubber border

Height:  11″ tall

Weight:  920 grms or 2.03 lbs per boot

Story Round 2:

I have now owned the Crisip Hunter HTG GTX boot for a few months. I have been fortunate enough to use it on a long Coues Deer Hunt in Arizona, and a Deer hunt in Hawaii, yes Hawaii.

On both hunts, I found the boot to be just OUTSTANDING! It was the most comfortable boot I have worn yet. I have been hiking, hunting and packing for many years now! This is now my new favorite boot!

The ankle support is fantastic, the arch fit perfect, and the shock absorbtion is great.

This boot is quite tall, which I like. A boot  this tall it is perfect for a Sheep Hunt, a tough Elk Hunt, or anything that requires going hard. This boot can be used in a variety of situation: Cold, Desert, Snow, rain, etc. It will function well in any of those situations.

Great job Crispi, I still love it.


We here at were just given the opportunity to field/mountain test the famous Italian Boots made by Crispi. I got to wear a pair of Hunter HTG GTX®

The day after we received them I had a pheasant hunt scheduled and even though I thought they were overkill for the flat fields I wore them anyway.

Man was I impressed! They were so comfortable I didn’t want to take them off. They felt as if they were made for my foot. I have never felt a pair of  boots fit so well instantly.

It was fifteen degrees when we started walking and before we were done the sun was out and it felt warm. The boots seemed to regulate the temperature of my feet. They never felt cold and they never felt hot, always just right…

The design of the boot encourages your foot to start walking. It almost feels as though you are being gently nudged or pulled forward. I guess that is why they are a hiking/trekking boot not a standing boot.

The boots provide a lot of support without a feeling of unforgiveness or rigidity. The SUPER GRIP TECHNOLOGY from the Vibram sole was softer than I expected for this type of boot therefore offering a more comfortable feel to the foot.

Based on the brief  four hour trial run, these are my favorite boots ever. I have two more mountain hunts in the next three weeks that I just got more excited for because I get to wear my Crispi boots! Even though I know the answer, I will let you know how the boots perform…

What they could do better:

Get the word out and get them available in Stores

Crispi Hunter HTG GTX Boot Review
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  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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