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Basic Description of Item:

Crispi Hunter Gore-Tex® brings the best in class features from a world renowned maker to the North American outdoorsman. There is simply no better boot on the market!! We provide a well Insulated boot, ABSS, CCF Crispi Crossbow frame in the mid-sole, Gore-tex® and a Vibram® Super-Grip outsole developed exclusively for Crispi. This boot has all of the innovative and best in class technologies that Crispi has to offers in your next pair of boots. Just put them on and you can go for miles and miels of hard Trekking or Hunting wiht no break-in. Great for Trekking, Hunting, Rugged Terrain and many other winter activities. 100% waterproof and Desinged in Italy.

Just the Facts:

Key Features:
Upper: Greased, water-repellent nubuk
Gore-tex®: Insulated Comfort Footwear Lining. This boot can be used down to Minus 20 degrees depending on the consumers activity and mobility.
A.B.S.S.: Ankle Bone Support Structure, a Crispi Orginal
CCF: Crispi Crossbow Frame Constructed of a combination between Hard Rubber and Plyurethane to offer a spring like feel, stabiltiy and greater durabiltiy than EVA Midsoles.
Vibram®: Sole with Supergrip mixture
Protection: Rubber border
Height: 11″ tall
Weight: 920 grms or 2.03 lbs per boot


I want to thank you for the information on this site. I researched boots for a long time before finally committing on the Crispi Hunter boots because of the reviews found here. I had my search down to Kenetrek, Lathrop and sons, and Crispi. I tried the Kenetrek on at a hunting show and they felt pretty comfortable but felt way too stiff for my taste. Lathrop and sons won’t let you try their boots off carpet if you want to return them. I received these in the mail and instantly was pleased by the quality workmanship and lightness. They felt almost as comfortable as my Danner Pronghorns, no kidding.
I was excited to take these out on a field test. I live in Western Colorado which is very rocky, high desert, and very steep. Day 1, found us doing some pretty mild trail hiking on sandstone washes and rocky ledges. They felt slightly stiff at first and being the tallest boot I have ever owned took a couple miles to get use to the feel. Towards the end of the 5 mile loop. I was climbing up anything I could find, side hilling, and trying to find a weakness. However, I was only becoming frustrated at how well they preformed out of the box.
The next test needed to push them to a much higher level. We have a Mtn just outside of town called Mt Garfield. It’s 2 miles straight up 2,000 vertical feet of clay dirt, scrambling up rocks, and side hilling shale. The temps have been unseasonably high here this time of year. We hit the trail at 10 am, temp started at 55 degrees and reached 64 by noon, with a slight wind. It took under an hour to reach the summit. These boots ate up the trail and felt like heaven on the feet. They gripped like a goats hoof. My feet normally run a little hot but felt great all day. I didn’t even want to take them off and put by car sandals on after the hike. I have also taken these on several more trips off trail up the bookcliffs. Most of this terrain is very similar to shale fields found above tree line. They cut into the hill side with a ton of bite and equal amount of ankle support. These boots will take you anywhere you are breve enough to go.
I wear Cabelas ingenues medium weight hiking socks and upgraded the insoles to the Mendle perfect hiker insoles. I would highly recommend upgrading to a higher quality insole with cork. The socks are also wonderful with a built in liner sock and x-static.
I marked down these boots on value because if you don’t find them on sale they are super expensive. I also marked them down on durability because I believe the Kenetreks would probably outlast these. These, however, are the most comfortable out of the box boots I have ever owned. If you are on the market for this style of boot. Buy these and don’t look back.

What they could do better:

The insoles need to be replaced with one that fits your type of foot. I recommend one with cork as this is one of the best materials for transporting moisture away from your feet which may prevent blisters.

Crispi Hunter 11" boots review USER SUBMITTED
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