Chippewa Super Logger Boot Review


Insulated, boot made for the working man/woman.

Just the Facts 9 inches, insulated without the steeltoe electrical hazard rating. Reinforced heel shank, aggressive vibram tread, double stitched leather.


These are the boot’s I won here in the contest for Ireview gear, I mainly wanted a warm boot with superior ankle support that I could use for hunting fishing, and out on the trapline. I am impressed as there is no “Breaking In” on these boot’s at all. I did however go and presize the boot before I sent in for them so there would be no suprises when I got the actual product. There is no, problem wearing them in the snow, and they are in fact waterproof as claimed. The biggest thing I was looking for was sitting montionless on coyote calling stand… my feet did not start to get cold as they have in other boots I have that are rated for below zero weather. I wore them outdoors in temps of -15 below and did not experience any discomfort. I was a little concerned about the height of the heel, and if it would give someone like me who has bad back issues a problem. Thus far I can say there has been no noticeable problems. The weight of these boots is also a nice compromise allowing for comfort and functionality. When on a vertical slope where there was not a lot of frost and ice, the traction performed great with vibram soles. Much like anything else, you can buy a great product once and have minimal maintanence or buy a lesser product and have maximum or even replacement costs to fulfill your needs. I would recommend them as a primary or secondary boot.

What they could do Better?

A couple of things, first the laces that supplied run short and it is very hard to get them to fit all lace holes and hooks. The other thing that I did not like is , in order to get a good snug fit with these boots you need a somewhat thicker sock, that is the norm when hunting outdoors ect.. but if you were to wear them around in fall the thinner socks do not fit well and allow some rubbing and shifting of boot. I had to get the widest allowable width the had for the boot, it would be nice if there was another size option as there are only 3. The other thing and I don’t know how they really could correct this, is the vibram soles grip on ice, or frozen rocks, wood on a vertical slope is less than I would like to see, I did experience some slipping so caution is advised.

Chippewa Super Logger Boot Review
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