Cabelas Men’s ActiveTrail Mid Hiker boot review

Editor:  Darren


Basic Description:


Light-weight, Water-proof hiking shoe
Just the facts:

GORE-TEX lining, nubuck leather and mesh upper, abrasion resistant toe and heal bumpers, EVA Midsole



This is my second pair of Cabelas hiking boots and were purchased due to the good experience I had with the first pair with comfort and initial purchase price.  The first pair was not waterproof.  This pair was purchased to be used in overnight and week long backpack trips in the Wasatch, Unita, and Wind River mountain ranges and I knew the waterproofing would be important.  I’ve put in some serious miles so far and the boots have proven comfortable and easily broken in.
My feet do not tolerate heat and moisture build-up in a shoe, which I commonly encounter with waterproof shoes.  The GORE-TEX in the ActiveTrail did its job and my feet have remained comfortable in up to 80 F.  Conversely, while not building up moisture from the inside, they have prevented external water from entering as I have crossed shallow steams or walked in moist foliage.
My primary complaint is that the shoes uppers do not seem to be as durable as some of the other brands.  The problems I have had is with the seams separating and/or the nubuck giving way where they are stitched together.  Considering the lower investment price, I still consider the shoe a great value and will just plan on replacing them more often.

What they could do better:
Improve the durability of the upper.


Cabelas Men’s ActiveTrail Mid Hiker boot Review
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