Bogs Tumalo Hiker

The Bogs Leather Hiker is an attractive waterproof boot manufactured with a 100% waterproof nubuck upper and a BioGrip lug outsole. This boot also features what Bogs calls “Rebound” cushioning for a comfort factor.

Editor: Mark

Just the Facts:
Bogs runs true to size.
• 100% Waterproof
• Constructed with durable genuine nubuck leather
• Lined with EverDry to absorb and evaporate sweat
• BioGrip hiking lugged outsole provides traction and stability
• Easy-lace eyelets
• Dual-density, contoured EVA footbed with DuraFresh
• Rebound technology in outsole provides extra comfort
• Bogs Stabilizer provides natural fit and support
• Average weight 3.96 lbs. per pair
• Priced at @ $140.

My Story
With a name like Bogs, you’d think these shoes were made for the swamp, right? So, I took them down into the marshy wetlands surrounding Utah Lake on a carp hunting expedition. I know, I may never grow up.
Let’s just say that these boots got a litmus test in the soggiest, slimiest, muddiest conditions just about anywhere. I was wading around in them and slogging through knee-deep mud. I even found a patch of stinging nettle, but that is another story.
I brought the Bogs Tumalo Hikers home, hosed them off, scrubbed the mud off of them, cleaned out the insides, and then set them out to dry. I am not exaggerating when I say they cleaned up like new.
Next, I took these babies into the Rockies on a week-long hike across the jagged granite skree lining the trails and lakes. They wore like iron! They fit true to size and were comfortable. I got a few blisters, but I had a heavy pack and went over the Continental Divide. Everyone on the trip got a blister or two under those conditions.
The bottom line is I liked this shoe. It is a rugged, wild, shoe, equal to anything you can throw at it. The tread is excellent and the lug pattern is meant for sure footedness when things get steep or wet. My gut feeling is that it will best serve you on rugged, shorter hikes, or in fall hikes or deer hunts where you want performance but don’t intend to trek long distances. I say that because it is a bit heavy. There are many shoes on the market that are plenty rugged and don’t weigh in at the nearly 4 pounds these bad boys register for the pair.

Bogs Hiking Boots
Bogs Hiking Boots

What They Could Do Better:
Lacing system was great. The cutaways high on the ankle provide a convenient way to get a grip on the shoe and pull it onto your foot. I have a few pairs of Bogs boots and many models have this feature. I really, really like how this simple feature makes for ease of use.
The shoe wears like iron. Simply said and true.
I want Bogs to take some of the weight out of this shoe. Two pounds per shoe just seems like a lot. If I’m driving to my camp and not intending to put many miles on, then this is the shoe. But, if I am hiking long distances, then I want something just as durable, but lighter. There was notable, although minor, wear patterns on the tread. We were pounding these babies on the sharp granite, rock hopping across high mountain valleys. I anticipated that these conditions would test this shoe.
In summary, I give the Bogs Tumalo Hiking Boot the following marks (of a possible 5):
Durability – 5
Comfort – 4
Weight – 3
Reliability – 4
Overall – 4

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability