TiGoat Large WiFi Titanium Stove

Editor: Cory McLaughlin


Just the Facts:

Large WiFi Specifications:

Construction:                 Titanium body, aluminum legs

Pipe:                                Titanium, 2oz per ft, 3 in diameter

Weight:                            1 pound 14 ounces with out pipe

Size:                                 15 in long, 8 in wide, 10 in tall

Overall Hight:                 15 inches

Packed Size                    16 in long, 11 in wide, 2.5 in tall

Damper:                          Yes, real stoves have dampers

Price:                                $375 with 5 ft pipe *




My Story:

When I first received my TiGoat Wifi stove I was pretty excited to get it out into the wilds. Sadly I received it at the end of the cold season and I had to wait until the weather was more suitable to testing a stove. So in the meantime my back yard was the testing zone for the “burn-in” process and the first assembly.


The final testing arena for the TiGoat Large WiFi stove was on a weekend camping trip. It rained nearly all weekend and the temperatures hung right around 33 to 35 degrees. Going into this trip I was a bit nervous as during my testing for the “burn-in” process I noted that there was a “burp” when it seemed the stove was gasping for air. It is possible that I may have overloaded it when I did this but it was not something I was looking forward to dealing with. It should be noted that the “burn-in” was not inside the tipi and thus I was not worried about overheating my sleeping quarters. I believe this was the issue that caused the “burp” because I had the stove loaded far more than what is necessary for heating a tipi. There is also a learning curve for the damper and the door configuration that honestly is just something that you will have to play with yourself. Every fire burns differently so I cannot offer any generic advice on that.

After the “burn-in” and the weekend trip the only negative that I have to say about the stove is that the opening could be a bit bigger. It does not allow for large pieces of wood but honestly when in the backcountry it’s not like you have a plethora of rounds to use anyway. Most trips you will find yourself rummaging for sticks or branches so this is not a serious concern. Trust me when I say that this stove is more than capable of heating a 6 man tipi to the point that you will want to open the door and get some air. I see no reason why a larger stove would be necessary for any tipi that is in the range of 8 man or smaller.

The WiFi stove also boasts a 50lb load rating. Now, 50 lbs. of wood is never going to fit into this stove so what does that have to do with anything you might ask? Well, it comes down to cooking. How much does a gallon of water weigh? The answer is 8.34LBS so it is possible that you may have your stove loaded with wood, a large pot full of water and ingredients, and still comfortably be able to cook without fear of the stove collapsing inside the tipi.

This is a great feature as I love to be able to cook over the stove as it allows me to eliminate the need for another stove and fuel containers, this in turn minimizes my overall weight. I used the WiFi to cook some mean Sloppy Joe’s, steaks, and make a mean pot of coffee. Lastly, I think the stability of the stove is something that you will love. The stove feels sturdy and it provides a very worthy heat source and cooking platform. 


If you are a backcountry hunter with the idea of getting a hot-tent I would have no hesitation in recommending you check out the TiGoat stoves. This product functions as advertised and I really feel that it would be a great asset to any outdoor adventure. It really is nice to have dry heat when the weather is less than ideal. I think you will also love the lightweight and pack-ability of this fantastic stove. 

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What can be done better?

I would really like to see the feeding door extended it’s size a bit. I know the stove is primarily focused on burning small sticks but sometimes we come across a nice piece of fat wood or something that would make for a good bedtime log and it would be nice if it fit inside. The stove is pretty much amazing other than that. I think that when used properly this will make the backcounty camper happy and warm. 

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability