SEEK OUTSIDE Revolution with Fortress 4800 and Precipice 5800 Full Review

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

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Just the facts from SEEK OUTSIDE:

Unaweep Fortress 4800 / 5800 (Combo) (78-95 L)
Our most popular lightweight backpack size, this backpack features an exceptional suspension and compression system coupled with waterproof fabrics and a functional ultralight design. The adaptable compression system excels at carrying odd items. This size is great for multi day trips from spring through late fall.
Main Bag is a weather resistant Top Loading Roll Top with dual bottle pockets, Several Talons to choose from for quick access to fequently used gear
Volume: 5800 (Main Pack 4800 / Talon 1000) (78 – 95 Liters)
Color: Main Pack (Choice: Alpine Gray / Expedition Olive) Choose Talon Color
Recommended use: Lightweight Backpacking, Family Backpacking, Winter Backpacking, Lightweight Backpack Hunting, PackRafting

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Precipice (5800)

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• The Precipice 5800 is a top loading roll top with a full length dual slider covered side zipper designed to allow easy access to all your gear. The two pass through side long pockets provide an additional 700 – 1000 CI of storage as well as provide protection for rifles, tripods and spotting scopes. Talon and Load Shelf Expansion Compatible, this bag still works great on it’s own.
o Dimensional Bottle Pockets
o Load Shelf and Talon Compatable
o Capacity 4800 CI Internal, 1000 available in side pockets , Talon adds 1000 CI
Availability: Orderable
Weight Estimate with Standard Revolution Suspension:
o 4lbs 3 ounces Rugged Multi Cam (not including Talon)
o 4lbs 112 ounces Guide Slate (Not including Talon)
Talon Optional

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Our most comfortable and multi function backpack and suspension system. Use as a hauler with a talon, or pair with one of several packs bags. Load shelf provides an additional 2000 CI of cargo expansion when used with a pack bag. Great for hunting, packrafting, or rescue work
o Frame – Evolution Articulating
o Interchangable Packbags or use as a Hauler
o 4 Belt Sizes
o Harness includes Daisy Chains , Forward facing Micro Adjustable
o Hipbelt Includes PALS grid
o Cross Stays (7075 ) prevent barreling at all frame heights and reduce back intrusion
o Dual back pads allow for optimal adjustment and fit
o Load sling included
o 6 Compression straps included plus one common loop to add an extra compression strap per side
o Over the top strap included and extra compression strap for common loop
o Integrated Rifle Sling Carry
o 24 Inch Frame – 2lbs 8 Ounces
o Over The Top and Common Loop accesory strap +2 ounces
o Extensions 4 ” + 1 ounce
o Removable bottom stay -2 ounces
o 24 inch frame – Lower pad 12.5 Torso Minimum Max 14.5
o 24 inch frame Upper pad 15 Minumum Max 18 inch
o 26 inch frame – Lower 14.5 – 16.5
o 26 inch frame Upper pad 17 – 20
o 28 inch frame – Lower 16.5 – 18.5
o 28 inch frame – upper pad 19 – 22

My Story:
The link below is from my Flash Review that was posted to IRG.C on 01/04/2016. Please read this for a more detailed account of the Revolution suspension system and Fortress 4800.
Updated review and overall final thoughts:
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Well as I’m sure you gathered from reading the Flash Review I was a huge fan of the Revolution Fortress 4800 combo. I am happy to report that nothing has changed and in point of fact I am more in love with this system now than I was at the time of the previous review. I have been out in the wilds testing this pack for some time now and I have to say that it is simply fantastic. The Revolution suspension system is masterfully designed and one of the most comfortable systems I have ever had the privilege of wearing. This pack has been a solid companion for me on several backpacking and shed hunting adventures.

The optional Talon has proven to be a fantastic addition capable of holding additional items that can be awkward and cumbersome I.E. an elk shed or two. Pair that with the optional lid and you have room for all the little knick-knacks and things that need to be readily available while hiking or hunting.
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The fortress 4800 bag is as great as I had hoped for and holds gear perfectly. This system is simply fantastic and. I love the roll top and the waterproof material. Honestly I could talk about it for far longer than is necessary.
The Precipice 5800 Bag is a whole new monster and it is outstanding. It incorporates all the same great features of the Fortress 4800 but with a few great additions. First of all it is made with the same great waterproof fabric that the Fortress is made of. It looks very much the same in terms of fabric but there are some very key changes. If you are serious backpacker/hunter you know nothing is worse than needed an item from your pack that you know is at the very bottom. Backpackers and hunters alike have been shackled by this burden for too long. My friends the time has come to break free of this unnecessary inconvenience and be liberated. Let your gear be free! That is right friends the Precipice 5800 has a double sided FULL length zipper. Yes, I said full length.

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No longer will you have to know the pain of unloading your entire pack for a single item. No longer will hunters have to awkwardly attempt to force an elk quarter into a small hole. Freedom has come in the form of a full length zipper and how appropriate that it be made in America. The double sided zipper means that you can also access the bag from the bottom without undoing the top of the bag.

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Another great addition to this bag is the sidelong pass through pockets on either side. These great pieces of fabric provide a place for things like trekking poles, tripods, fishing poles, and even your rifle. This bag is ready for whatever you feel like sticking inside or outside of it. The best part is that you get all these great features at less than 5 pounds. So get your maps and buy your tags because this is a pack that is ready to go when you are.

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What can be done better?
After using the Fortress 4800 and Precipice 5800 for several months I have grown to be far less concerned with the water bottle pockets. They hold water just fine and I see no need for redesign. On the Precipice you will notice that the zipper is not “Waterproof.” This was a concern to me but after speaking with pack designer I came to understand their thinking. The waterproof zippers do not have the longevity that normal zippers do and the flap that covers the zipper should be sufficient for most weather. I much prefer to have a zipper that works forever than one that my fail. Whatever pack you choose you will be pleased.

At this point I’m almost inclined to say that if it says SEEK OUTSIDE it’s a 5 star product. That most certainly is the rating I give the above products.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability