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The Outdoorsmans, one of the premier optics and Western gear manufacturers in the west has once again came up with a very innovative idea, a quality tripod bag designed primarily to protect your expensive tripod and backpack pockets from the abusive wear and tear that hard core Mountain Hunters dish out. This functional, important piece of gear should become a mainstay for active backpack hunters everywhere.


• Tough denier Cordura fabrics
• Coyote Brown – 1000d Cordura
• Multicam – 500d Cordura
• True Timber – Quiet Cloth
• Daisy chain attachment points that was originally designed to work in conjunction with the 3 compression straps on the Outdoorsmans pack to secure to the outside if the side pockets were being used. Daisy chains would also function well with other backpacks.
• Top flap with adjustable snap buckle to secure your tripod
• Draw string closure

All bags are $34.95



I have spent countless hours “out on the mountain” with my backpack, tripod and optics. If you personally don’t use a tripod to secure your binoculars for glassing to then I strongly suggest you try one. I guarantee you will see more animals. Over the years, I discovered that it didn’t matter how careful I was, after a period of time out in the field my tripod and the backpack compartment that I carried it in are going to take a beating. A high quality tripod such as those that the OUTDOORSMANS manufactures and the quality backpack you use are expensive items. To ensure that I was properly taking care of my equipment I tried wrapping lightweight memory foam around my tripod but still ended up wearing small holes in the fabric at the bottom of the side pocket on my pack. I’ve also had the top adaptor fall off my tripod when it vibrated loose when I didn’t have it securely enclosed.
If you are like me you’re continually on the lookout for cutting edge gear that will either make you more effective as a Mountain Hunter or protect the equipment you are using. I had a close sheep hunting buddy tip me off in regards to the new Tripod Bag that the Outdoorsmans was selling on their website. Wow, I immediately knew that this was an item that I needed to buy. This little bag has been a gift from the “Hunting Gods” to me as it was just what I had been looking for. The bag has not only stopped the wearing of holes in the bottoms of my backpack’s side pockets but it has also protected my tripod from abrasive dust and Mother Nature’s elements. I also no longer have to worry about losing one of my adaptors while packing in rough terrain. I can instantly access my Outdoorsmans Tripod by quickly unsnapping a buckle and immediately have my tripod in hand to set up for glassing trophy animals. It should also be noted that I’ve used this bag to place my trekking poles in. The bag also works well to slip the barrel and scope of your rifle into for extra protection. Use your imagination as the Tripod Bag can effectively be used in a variety of ways.
The design of the Outdoorsmans Tripod Bag is perfect as you can move the buckle on the top flap to the desired spot that will securely fit small, medium or large tripods. This lightweight solution for protecting the expensive investment you have made in your equipment comes in Coyote Brown, Multicam or True Timber Quiet Cloth and is priced at $34.95.


I highly endorse the purchase of the OUTDOORSMANS Tripod Bag for all Mountain Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who spend a lot of time out on the mountain.

What They Could Do Better
The Outdoorsmans tripod bag is perfect in my opinion. This is a great piece of irreplaceable gear.

OUTDOORSMANS Tripod Bag Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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