outdoorsman pack1



  1. How does this pack handle heavy loads comfortably without any functional load lifter straps?

    • It make it harder that is for sure. Very good observations!
      They pack does handle a large load pretty well, due to the frame, and suspension. But a HUGE improvement would be adjustable load harness.

      • I am trying to decide between this pack and a kifaru. If you have any experience with a kifaru which would you recommend? I am 6’7″ and 235 lbs,


        • They are both very good packs. I would rate the Kifaru higher in:
          -load capacity.

          So, I would go with the Kifaru, they also build each pack to your body measurements, so you will get a better fit.
          If you get a great deal on the Outdoorsman, also do not hesitate. It is a solid choice.
          Good luck! thanks for asking.

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