Nimrod Thorax Pack Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description:

1-3 Day Hunting Pack. Modular with Base Belt plus Thorax Bag

Just the Facts:

Several interior and exterior pockets provide ample storage. A interior insulated spotter / tank pocket will accommodate up to a 24″ spotting scope and the mesh pockets are easily inventoried. Side pockets house water bottles, calls, gloves and even your rifle butt, top compression rifle / tripod straps are included. The pack accepts the full range of other Nimrod accessories such as the Weapon Containment System!
* Hydration tank ready.
* Super quiet Hydro-fleece exterior.
* Waterproof liner.
* Built on our advanced Base Suspension system.
* Contoured for optimum comfort
* Wicking padded panels for quick dry and comfort.
* 2800 cubic inches.
* Weight 6.8lbs


Nimrod Pack Company was kind enough to send us 3 of their packs for Use, Testing, and Reviewing…hey that is what we do. I decided to hang onto the Thorax Pack, and ship the Apex and the Guide Day Pack off to Darren and Shane for testing.

I have used the Thorax now on 4 different day outings. I have been keeping track of some deer and elk in hopes of picking up their sheds. The Thorax seemed perfect for these hikes.

I filled the pack up with about 30 lbs of gear each time. The gear list included: 85mm Vortex Spotting Scope, a Vanguard Tripod, my Canon digital camera, my Canon camcorder, and extra jacket, a pair of binoculars, some rope, knives, fire starting kit, 90 oz water bladder, range finder, and some toilet paper.

I packed the smaller electronics in the outside compartments, put the spotter in the inside, strapped the tripod to the outside, putting the legs into the pouch on the side and using the 2 side straps to secure it. I then put everything else in the main compartment. All of these items fit in very well, and I felt I could have easily added a tent, a pad, a stove…making it a great overnight set up.

I was thrilled that the pack had many side and back tie downs and anchor points. This was made possible with the side straps, the lower pouch and the back straps on the pack. In my mind a pack MUST allow you to strap things easily to the outside with the use of some rope, or with the available straps on the pack.  The Thorax accommodated this need very very well.

The compartments on the pack are very well thought out. The 2 pockets on the outside are perfect for electronics, I put cameras, range finders, etc in these areas. Having more than 1 compartment is important for me, but too many drives me nuts. I want just a few, and this pack did this perfectly. The main compartment allows for very easy access with a double zipper that peels the cover away easily and allows you to see everything inside.  I also really appreciated the side pouches. I can put a tripod or shooting sticks in these areas, and then strap them on with the straps along the side of the pack. A simple but great feature is the mesh in the bottom of this pouch. This allows easy draining of the melting snow off of your shooting sticks… The pack is laid out well.

When you are wearing a 30 pound pack, you should not notice the pack after hiking for a short time, and this was certainly the case with the Thorax. I felt I could have easily went to 70 pounds and been comfortable.

I am not sure how Nimrod accomplishes this but the pack is easy easy easy to put on and take off. Some packs, under weight become a burden to put on and off, not the Nimrod pack, it jumps on and off your shoulders.

The zippers and buckles on this pack are outstanding, they fly open when needed. I could even work the zippers with one hand at about any angle. GREAT JOB.

Nimrod calls their pack “weather proof” I would have to agree with that. Just for a test I sprayed it with water, drug it in the snow, and then dried it out in the laundry room. It looked like NO moisture made it inside the pack.

I am very impressed that Nimrod makes these packs 100% in the U.S. Great job guys. I am also impressed with the wide variety of pack options and configuration available from Nimrod, it truly is a system.

In summary. This is just an outstanding well built pack. The material is quiet, durable, and very nice looking. The layout is nearly perfect, and the comfort is outstanding. Nimrod has a variety of pack options, I would encourage you to call them and have them help you come up with the configuration that is right for you.  Nice job Nimrod, I will be using one of your packs this fall.

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What they could do better:

Add some strapping across the back of the pack for anchoring and syncing

Nimrod Thorax Pack Review
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