Nimrod Apex Hunting Pack System Review

Editor: John


Basic Description:

Hunting pack system, includes: Base small fanny pack, large fanny pack, and apex top that can be used as day pack or part of an expanded fanny pack.

Just the facts:

*Over all dimensions are; 24″h / 16″w / 7″d.
*3900 total cubic inches including the side exterior pockets. 2600 cubic inches in the upper pack, 1300 cubic inch in the lower pack and you can store more gear in the included 600 cubic inch base belt pocket!
*Side pockets designed for quiet easy access with twist lock closures, great for calls and quickly needed items.
*As with all our packs, weather-proof and ultra-quiet…even in the coldest elements with our custom Hydrospun fleece exterior and latex supple water-proof liner and sealed seams.



I have used the Apex complete system on several scouting trips over the last week. I am trying to take some photos of a group of wintering Bighorn Sheep and a group of wintering bulls. I loaded the pack up each time with: Vortex Spotting Scope, binoculars, rain jacket, water bladder, some jerky, camp stove, a couple mountain house meal, flashlights, rope, tarp, and fire starter. The total package weighed about 25 lbs each time.

The pack handled this light load with EASE, I felt like it was not on my back at all. The true test for this pack will come later when I strap on another 25 – 30 pounds. But I feel it will handle it with no problem, and stay comfortable.

This pack like all nimrod packs has a very good base belt that is comfortable and adjustable. I like the way the belt tightening system anchors to and tightens at 2 points. This allows the pack to adjust evenly across your hips and lower abdomen.

I found the shoulder straps to be very adequate. I was able to adjust them to fit me well. I did like the chest strap between the shoulder straps a great deal. It has elastic on it, so it can be tightened but remains flexible.

The pack is made with outstanding material, no see um stuff??? It looks cool and is very functional. It was quiet as I made my way under brush and scraped it against oak trees. The material is also lined and I found it to be very weather proof.

Each side pouch has a nice closure system, with both a sinch strap around that top and a unique snap like plastic clip that closes each pocket, very nice.

This pack is certainly a system. I was able to break it down to just a small fanny pack, all the way up to 3900 cu inches of pack that would provide gear for up to 3 days.

I have more to write, and will update this review as I use the pack over the next months.

In summary:  The Apex system by Nimrod is TOP notch. The zippers, buckles, snaps, and straps are all high grade and top notch. The pack is made of great material, it is comfortable and very very configurable.

Nice job Nimrod on another outstanding pack. Thanks for making these 100% in the USA

What they could do better:


Provide some webbing across the pack of the pack for anchor points

Lengthen the straps, all the straps. I wanted to extend many of the straps to allow for larger items to be sinched to the outside.

Check out our video review of the Nimrod Apex Hunting Pack System

Nimrod Apex Hunting Pack System Review
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