Master Guide Back Pack II Crooked Horn Outfitter Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

Hunting  Day Pack

Just the Facts:

  • Constructed from GrizHide material, laminated to weatherproof nylon packcloth: This combination makes for a pack that is water-proof, durable, burr-free and quiet!
  • Unique top pocket was designed to hold your spotting scope and tripod close to yoiur body so the weight is distributed evenly
  • Unique sheath for knife and flashlight provides easy access without taking off your pack
  • Well-positioned water bottle pockets on each side of the pack
  • In addition to the front pocket, there is an internal security pocket for licenses, wallet, etc.
  • Added hip belt with an additional strap for carrying hand gun, extra ammo, accessories, etc.
  • Padded Shoulder straps to ensure all day comfort!
  • Heavy-duty carry handle makes transporting your pack easier than ever and works great for hanging your pack in your treestand!
  • New tactical look with Earth-tone trim, buckles, zipper, etc.
  • Up to 2000 Cubic Inches with lashing straps to provide extra inches when needed


I obtained my Master Guide 2 Backpack from Crooked Horn Outfitters a couple of weeks ago. I was anxious to put it to use! I decided to use the pack on several Deer and Elk winter scouting trips. I am tracking a couple large bulls, keeping track of them until they shed. I also have my eyes on a couple of decent bucks…I can start looking for those sheds on Feb 1st.

On the first trip I put my Vortex Skyline ED spotting scope in the front section, along the back pad. This area is designed for a spotting scope, and I was thrilled that this mammoth spotting scope fit in the pouch perfectly. I also have a large Vanguard tripod that I strapped on the outside of the pack. I strapped this on the far back where you would normally pack a rifle or your bow.

I filled the large outside main pack area with: Binoculars, extra jacket, fire starter kit, knife, and a spare set of gloves.

The pack has 2 good size pockets on the outside of the pack along the sides and near the bottom. I put several things in these pockets: Range Finder, camera, a couple garbage bags, a flashlight, and an extra hat. The items fit very well in this smaller pockets, and were not impacted by a full main compartment. NICE JOB.

The material that this pack is made of is nothing short of spectacular! I think you could drag it behind a car on pavement without wearing it out. It is tough tough tough, waterproof, and light weight. That is a great combination. Just to check out the water proof nature of the material, before the hike I gave it a good spraying with a hose. The water beaded up and flew off the pack, it was impressive. This is ONE TOUGH PACK!

Now for the hike. I threw the pack on, and instantly felt satisfied. It absorbed the weight and I  felt like I had nothing on at all. That is a good sign. As I started the hike the pack felt stable, it did not flop back and forth, but rather stayed tight to my back and felt like a part of me. Over time I did feel that I needed to pull the shoulder straps closer together, they had a tendency to pull a little outward and creep off my shoulders. This did not prove to be bothersome however and I eventually became comfortable with the strap positioning. I did feel that the shoulders straps were made for the hunter in mind. I could imagine easily shouldering a rifle, and not having to worry about the pack getting in the way.

On several occasions I stopped to glass with my spotting scope, and found it easy to retrieve from the top pouch. I did wish I had more room to put the tripod in the same area, but I have NEVER found a pack that made this possible, with the size of scope I use. I think it would be possible with a more compact spotting scope… So I am content to strap the tripod on the back or the side.

Near the end of my several hikes I have decided that this is the OPTIMAL day and horn hunting pack. Nice job Crooked Horn.

In summary I would say this:

If you want a durable, life long day pack, this is a great choice. I just cannot see you wearing this pack out. It  takes very good care of your optics, it is simple, with large compartments that are easy to get into. It has good areas for water bottles, knives, flashlights, and then allows you to put everything else in the big pockets.  A nice simple design that will last and last.


What they could do better:

– One more strap along the side. It has a top side synch strap, but could use one on the bottom for 2 anchor points.

-Consider adding adjustable  top shoulder straps allowing for snugging loads tighter to your body


Master Guide Back Pack II Crooked Horn Outfitter Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability