Kifaru LongHunter Back Pack Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Kifaru LongHunter is a 7300 cubic inch pack, that is BUILT for long trips, big loads, and durable enough for rough handling.
This Pack is ideal for any hunting situation, but ideal for the Long Haul.

Just the Facts:

• 500 d Cordura with double layered bottom
• 7,300 cubic inches with LongHunter Lid
• 7 lbs. based on Basic Lid
• access: top and sleeping bag
• load rating: 100 lbs. +
• includes LongHunter Top Lid unless you specify otherwise
Stay Options: substitute Ultralight Composite Stays for weight savings. Add $40.00.
Top Lid Options: Longhunter, Basic or Extreme Top Lid
• 2 frame options: 26 inch & 24 inch

I purchased the Kifaru LongHunter from Kifaru corp. In early October of 2012. I placed my order in early September and was able to receive it on October 15th. A long wait, but expected.
I decided to order mine with the Standard Stays, and the XLT lid. I did this for 2 reasons:
1: I wanted the bigger lid to expand coverage of the top, and to expand the number of pockets.
2: I went with the standard stay to save $40.
The DAY I received the pack, I loaded it with 60 pounds and took the Back Pack out on a test hike.
This pack immediately felt different than my Eberlestock, Mystery Ranch, and several other packs in a few ways:
1: I could feel the huge lumbar pad really settle into the small of my back, like no other pack I have.
2: The pads on the center of the Duplex Frame also made contact with my back in key places not all places.
3: The waist belt fit against my hip bones like no other pack I have tried.
I headed out on my fist trip in a very steep region in Central Utah. As mentioned I had the pack at 60 pounds , this is about 20 pounds more than I usually carry.
The pack stayed stiff to my back, and I did not get any side to side slop or sagging. I also noticed that the shoulder straps did not put much pressure at all on my shoulders, and was very comfortable on my upper back and neck.
The weight of the pack, without questions was distributed across my waist, my lower back, via the lumbar support, and slightly on my shoulders.
I hiked for about 3 hours, and did not feel a need to bump the pack up on my shoulders, or make many adjustments at all. On long hard hikes I am usually moving my pack back and forth all of the time…but not with this pack, it was just COMFORTABLE. Nice Job Kifaru.
On October 20th, I was able to hunt Deer in Idaho. The daily hikes were not very long, about 1 mile. The terrain was somewhat steep, and my pack was consistent at 45 pounds.
The Kifaru LongHunter performed outstanding on this trip. Let me tell you it was abused! The weather was horrible, with lots of snow, rain, and MUD.
I was lucky enough to harvest a nice Idaho Buck on this hunt. The buck found its way into quarters, a cape and into my pack. I hauled the entire deer out in 1 load, estimating that my pack was near or slightly over the magic 100 pound mark. The Kifaru just absorbed this weight, and mad the load feel more like 50 pounds. WOW!
When done hunting, I had a FILTHY pack, it was covered with Mud, snow, blood and hair. I honestly was sick about it, and felt like I may have damaged the material by over soaking it with such grime.
When I finally arrived home, I gave the bag a good washing with soap , water, and a hose. I honestly think I could sell this pack for new, it looks that good! YES.

Kifaru makes absolutely bullet proof packs. The material, the configuration, the zippers, the straps are all rock solid!
The LongHunter on the Duplex frame is the best pack configuration I have ever owned, and I highly recommend it for any Long Packing event.
Do not worry about the weather you will encounter on your outing, and do not worry about the comfort of this pack. It is simply AWESOME!

What they could do better:
The price is steep, but worth it.

Kifaru Longhunter Pack Review
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