Kelty Sira 45

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:
Lightweight, streamlined, and built for women, the Sira 45L women’s pack is designed to go the distance. The Sira offers Kelty’s women’s specific FeatherFIT™ suspension, a suspended AirMesh back panel with integrated lumbar support and hip belt. The shoulder straps, hip belt, and back panel are specifically designed to fit a woman’s body. Packing is a breeze with the center front zip panel access, and the shark’s mouth top loading design keeps all your gear easy to find once you reach your destination. The large stretch mesh front shove-it pockets offer dual entry to stash a jacket, hat, map, or whatever else you want to keep close at hand. Last but not least, the stretch water bottle pockets, external hydration sleeve (reservoir not included), and secure zippered hip belt pockets keep water and snacks easily available. From thru hikes to overnight 14ers, going the distance never felt so good.

Shark’s mouth top loading access
Center front zip panel access
Large stretch mesh front shove-it pockets with dual entry
Stretch water bottle pockets
Front, lower and side compression
Dual trekking pole/ice axe attachments
Secure-zip hipbelt pockets
External hydration sleeve (Reservoir not included)
FeatherFIT™ suspension
Suspended back panel with integrated hipbelt
Hex Mesh backpanel, shoulder straps and hipbelt
Load lifter straps
Sternum strap
Volume: 2745in3 / 45 L
Frame Type: Internal
Weight: 2 lbs 13 oz / 1.28 kg
Torso Fit Range: 15.5 – 17.5 in / 39 – 44 cm
Dimensions: 26 x 12 x 10 in / 66 x 30 x 25 cm
Optimal Carry Weight: 25-30 lbs / 11-14 kg
Body Fabric:
Nylon 66 330D Mini Rip PU

Frame Material:
Steel + HDPE

Our Story:
Well as a husband and father of two daughters I have found myself really looking into the world of women’s specific products. This is obviously not because I need them but I live in a largely estrogen rich environment and when it comes to men and women not everything is interchangeable.
Men and women are not built the same and I know that is not something that I need to tell you. When it comes to packs and long house walking the trails of the wild women want the same comfort that has been promised to men for years. They want a pack that is meant to fit properly and offer the comfort that they deserve. They want to be out on the trails worried about seeing the next great sight not thinking about their packs poor fit. Luckily Kelty knows a thing or two about packs and what the people of the trails need. The Sira is the right pack at the right price for those hard working trail walking women that just want to have fun.
I first saw the Sira at the 2017 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show. I thought it looked amazing right off the bat and knew my wife would love it as it is her favorite color. I arranged for a test model to be sent out and was very happy when it arrived at my doorstep.
My wife was kept completely in the dark about the pack and when she opened the box she was super excited. Our first testing period came at a trip to the Oregon coast where she used the pack to hike miles of trails, beaches, and all over the various shops each town had to offer. Here is what he thought was about the fit, style, and overall quality of this great little pack.

“Hey guys, I’m Heather and I am super happy to make a guest appearance here to share my thoughts on this cool Sira 45 pack from Kelty. The first thing that I absolutely love about this pack is how well it sits on my hips. As a lady it’s hard to get a pack that fits well and the men’s or unisex packs just never seem to sit right. I was very happy with how well the Sira 45 contours to the unique shape of women. The next thing that I thought to be amazing was that this pack didn’t make me feel like a turtle. You know, that feeling when the pack pushes your hear forward not allowing you to move naturally. I really felt free to move with this pack and it was a nice change. The shoulder straps are fantastic and very comfortable. I really like how well they adjust and allow me to feel comfortable and secure. I also love that the chest strap does not crush my “chest” which is a problem that all ladies have had to deal with.

The pack has some really cool features too! I love the two hip pockets as they are great for snacks or anything you need readily available like a wallet. I also love the way this pack looks, it’s my favorite color, but above that it just looks sleek and stylish. The hydration capability is a nice touch, I mean, we all need water. That said there are also some cool water bottle holders on the side of the pack too. This pack is perfect for a weekend trip to the zoo or a multi-day trip into the backcountry.

The overall adjustment of this pack has been a breath of fresh air for sure. It fits as good as it looks and for me that is like a homerun. I really think for the money you are going to be very happy with this pack and it will take you one some really awesome adventures! Thanks for reading and see you on the trail!”

So that is the official word from the person who actually tested the pack. I can only add that I too think this is a great looking pack, not just because of the lovely lady it was on either. I am very appreciative of companies that see the value in making quality gear for women. My wife and daughters are my best companions and it makes me happy to know they can get quality and style. As a man I think we often overlook the fact that the market has been almost completely dominated by products targeted to us. It is no problem for men to find gear that fits us and sadly the same cannot be said for women. It is great to see that changing. I never want to see my daughters, wife, or any lady for that matter turned off of a life in the outdoors because they cannot find quality gear. Good on ya Kelty!

Kelty back pack review

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What can be done better?
At this point Heather said she cannot find anything that she would like to change. I have not found any issues either. If something is to come up I will updated this review. For the money I think this is a very solid choice from a company that has been a staple on the trails of the world for many years.

5 stars for now!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability