Horn Hunter Main Beam XL Pack Review


Horn Hunter Main Beam XL Pack Review


Just the Facts

Main-beam XL 3800 cubic sq feet internal frame in predator camouflage 27 pockets, Gear grippers for gun or bow, Removable orange safety wrap, 3 hydration locations Dual suspension frame(metal), Custom molded back panel and straps, Quiet zip slides(a lot quieter than badlands), Removable organizer Section 2 The pack itself is about 6 lbs. I can remove the waist pack and frame but that eliminates perfect pockets for binoculars and range finder etc., The pack was 249 and if you buy direct from them you get your choice of predator or mossy oak.


Well I had another backpack that i started hunting with but since I use crutches, I needed a new backpack that holds my gun, chair and shooting sticks. This backpack does it all and then some. I used it this weekend for turkey hunting. I moved several different spots. Granted this was a little heavy with a hunting chair, shotgun and shooting sticks and snacks for a day as well as various other things for a day out, but I still had no problems with my balance. I do have problems with my balance so that is surprising I was able to load all that and not have a big issue. I give it a 5 for functionality for me but everyone will be different. I gave a 5 for durability but that is only after a weekend of using. I hope this pack holds up with all the pockets and straps you really can strap stuff on here. I obviously won’t be dressing out and carrying animals on it for my sake. So I can’t really attest to how much it can pack out. I do have to use a bungee cord to hold the crossbow right against the pack because it does become top heavy and leans out.

What they could do better

This pack is not made for a shorter hunter with a torso less than 5 ‘4. I barely make the waist pack comfortable above my hips it gets in the way if I don’t have my coat on. I have a narrow waist because of my disability so that probably doesn’t help my situation at all.

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