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Geigerrig Water System

Basic Description
Geigerrig Backpacks are a Camelbak style pack. Comes in 3 colors.. Black, Grey and Camo.

Just the Facts
Capacity: 100 oz (3L)
Cargo: 1200 Cubic In.
Weight: 1.22Kg

I recently picked up the Geigerrig 1200 to use for scouting trips and shed hunting, were I was planning on just a short moning hike. The bladder works great, but just as a regular bite valve. The spray air pump didn’t seem to work all that good and was more of a hassle to mess with. While hiking with the backpack We found two Elk sheds (Not huge, Not very heavy) But as I was hiking down the straps on the back of the pack ripped out of where it was sewn on, and the horns rubbed a good sized hole in the bottom of the pack. This was a new pack and didn’t hold up at all when I used it for anything rather than hiking with nothing in it.

What they could do better
The seems are weak, and the material is not that thick, walking through some thick brush might rip it. Not a good pack for a serious hiker or hunter. The bladder is great.. They have a water filter that you can hook on and fill up on any river. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean also. Just move the bladder into your other backpack.

Geigerrig 1200 Water System Review
  • Functionlaity
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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