Eberletock X2 Day Pack Review

Bow hunting pack

Editor: Mike

Basic Description:

The X2 is a tough little pack with big pack features.  Like oversized compression straps for lashing on a heavy load.  Dual hydration compartments.  Quick-access pockets for spotting scopes and tripods.  And now a rugged IntEx™ metal frame

Just the Facts:

1800 Cu Inches

Weight 4.5 lbs

Lightweight Aluminum Tubular Frame

Multiple material options


I bought this pack this year. I wanted to try it out on a late season cow elk hunt in my home state of Utah.

Upon unpacking it and giving it an initial check, I was very impressed. I loved the way this pack flew on and off of my shoulders.

I am not sure what Eberlestock does to make their packs so easy to get on and off, but this one acted the same as all other Eberlestock packs

it just flew on and off with ease.

I loaded the pack up with my hunting gear for the first day. I would be going on about a 3 mile hike in the snow looking for elk. I placed in my pack:

120 oz Hydration pouch, it fit nicely in one of the 2 hydration areas. On the other side in the other flip open wing, I placed both my shooting sticks and a tripod. Both

items fit nicely in this area and did not get me off balance. I stuffed the main compartment with an extra pair of pants and a shirt. I also added some fire lighting material just in case.

I began the hike at about 6am, and really did not even know the pack was there. The pack is extreemly comfortable, I did only have about 25 lbs in it, but none the less it was comfortable. I really enjoyed the suspension system on this pack. It kept the pack off of my back and allowed for some airflow. This will be a very nice addition in the summer on an early archery hunt.

The pack stayed tight against my body, it did now sway at all.

During a middle of the day rest, I moved stuff around in the pack just to check out other options. I found I could load down the outside of the side wings, or the inside just depending on personal prefference, both of these options worked well. I found I was able to easily get to my shooting sticks, tripod and anything else I chose to put on the side of the pack.

I did not harvest an elk this day, but I am going to keep using this pack until I do. Watch for an update to this post…I am very anxious to see how this little pack does with an elk quarter, but I am guessing it will do well.

Great pack, nice job Eberlestock on the lay out, functionality, versatilty, suspension, it looks like you have a real winner.

What they could do better:

For the price I think they could add a rifle pouch, and not make you buy one extra.

Other than that, spot on.


Eberletock X2 Day Pack Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability