Eberlestock X3 Lo Drag Backpack

Basic Description

Eberlestock has developed a new pair of packs, the X4 HiSpeed and the X3 LoDrag shown here. They are designed to be highly functional, minimalist, lightweight tactical packs.
The X3 is a variation of our popular X1A1 model, and incorporates a tactical weapon-sized scabbard in place of the X1A1’s smaller scabbard. The HiSpeed and LoDrag packs have a unique contour shape that tapers at both the top and the bottom, giving the pack an excellent close-to-the-body ride. They are fully compressible with pairs of side-mounted compression straps that draw the load upward to optimally position the pack’s contents over the wearer’s center-of-gravity.
Well endowed with PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing, the pack is easy to accessorize, with ample space on the interior and exterior panels for attaching an array of accessory pouches.
The X3 carries a variety of full-scale tactical weapons, such as the AR-10 with Leupold Mk 4 scope shown here. Also note that the pack has two main entry panels: a large front door for the lower section, and a unique top/front loading upper compartment. On the right you can see that the portfolio pockets are perfectly sized for 8.5 x 11″ documents and a full-sized laptop.

Add our GSTC butt cover to fully enclose your weapon in the pack.
2900 cubic inches (including scabbard). 420d Nylon.
Eberlestock X3 Lo Drag Backpack

I have been using the Eberlestock X3 Lo Drag backpack for several weeks now. I was quickly impressed with the workmanship and quality of material. I have been using their J34 for the last two years and can attest to it’s durability, comfort, and useful designs. You will tell very quickly that Eberlestock takes huge pride in all of their work.

Being a gear nut, the first thing I did was put it on the scale (5lbs, 8 oz). A great pack weight for the quality of material used and features like a oversized gun scabbard with drain holes. The scabbard is capable of AR type rifles with a scope. The bottom of the scabbard can easily be folded back into the pack when not in use. The zippers used on the two compartments are heavy duty with large finger loops and can easily be used with one hand. The pack is made of 420d Nylon and can take tons of abuse.

The outside features PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing on almost every inch of the pack and hip belt for adding accessories. On each side of the pack is two compression straps for the lower and upper compartments. These have tons of adjustability and can even be used to secure a tripod, hiking poles, or whatever else comes to mind to the sides. On each side and the top are neatly hidden heavy duty carrying handles which makes it easy to handle the pack with one hand. The pack also has two water bottle holders capable of containers the size of a nalgene.

The inside is hydration compatible with two sleeves designed for slimmer bladders (5” wide) and hose holes on both sides. I use a larger 3L bladder that wouldn’t fit into these sleeves. So, I just slide it into one of the two document pouches and it worked fine. The top compartment has a 7”x7” mesh pouch for quick access to keys, phones, or any small objects you need easy access to. The upper and lower compartment are divided by a velcro pad that can easily be made into one large compartment.

The pack can quickly be adjusted to any torso length (See Cameron’s article about sizing). This will be the most important step you take to really appreciate the awesome comfort and ride of this pack. The padding is great along your shoulders, lumbar, kidneys, and hip area. The shoulder and hip straps have tons of extra adjustability for larger guys or gals.

The Eberlestock X3 Lo Drag backpack is an excellent light weight multifunction system. They hit almost everything on the head with top notch material, workmanship, and features. A must have for the AR or assault rifle enthusiast! The pack can easily be “accessorized” to match your exact mission and will soon become one of your “go to” backpack.

If you have any questions about this pack. Please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

What they could do Better?
Larger bladder sleeves, and not sure how useful the document sleeves will be

Eberlestock X3 Lo Drag Backpack Review
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