Eberlestock Just One J34

[rating: 4/5]

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Many pockets allow you to organize well

Best Bow and Rifle carry pack around


Very adjustable, on pack fits all

Great Meat packer


Cool design, I love the strap over the top and bottom, similar to tactical packs


Weight went out not up, made for tippy big loads

Would have preferred that the expansion area was not mesh.


This pack was used on several day hunt for Deer. We loaded up the pack a little heavier than normal for a day hunt. I packed in:

Extra food and water, a tree stand, and a salt block.

The pack handled this load well and was very comfortable. I have never used a pack that was easier to get off and on. It was remarkable how the straps almost jumped onto my shoulders. One thing that I really liked was the side mesh pouches. I was able to stuff my tripod in one, and on the other side I shoved in some granola bars. This gave me quick easy access to these items, and I was able to synch them in place with the draw string at the top

I was also impressed with the zipper quality, and the zipper draw. The draw is a nice piece of rope, with a rubber loop at the top. I was able to stick my finger in these loops and work the zippers even with large gloves on.

The pack also has two exterior pouches that remain very usable, even when the main compartment is stuffed full. Lots of other packs do not allow enough extra material in these pouches and when the pack is full they become unusable, not the Eberlestock Just One, it allowed this.

I kept the pack on all day only taking it off once to sit down for lunch. I found it very comfortable in the shoulders and the waist. The extra thick pad in the lumbar area is fantastic, and seemed to reduce sweating.

I strapped my bow to the Just One during one trip, and used the gun scabbard to haul in a shotgun for grouse on another trip. Both times I was very impressed with the ability to handle the weapon of choice.  You can buy a Butt Pouch for the pack, allowing for easier bow hauling, but I found this unnecessary.

The pack can expand like crazy. It goes from 2300 cu inches all the way up to around 7000 cu inches, with the addition of a duffle bag that zips on.

If you want a 1-4 day pack, this is a good choice. If you want a 1-4 day pack for hauling in a rifle or bow, this is the best.


What could they do better:

Figure out a way to expand upwards not backwards.

I am not crazy about the mesh in the expand section, I would pay a little more for normal material.

Eberlestock Just One J34 Review
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