Crooked Horn Trailblazer 2 Backpack Review
Editor: Ryan

Basic Description of Item:

Convertible Hunting Day Pack

Just the Facts:
• 900 Cubic Inches (675 Bottom, 225 Top)
• Built-in Bow/Rifle Pouch
• 3 pounds when empty
• Made with waterproof GrizHide fabric
• 7 pockets with drawstring-closure main compartment


I have experimented with several hunting backpacks over the years & I have found that each pack has features I like & many features that could be improved on. I have used a few “overnight” type packs that were great for packing enough gear & supplies for a 1 or 2 night excursion. But for day hikes they are just too bulky & heavy. I didn’t like the fact that my backpack weighed more than the gear it was carrying so I switched over to a fanny pack for most of my day hikes. I really liked that fact that the fanny pack was lightweight & just big enough to carry all my needed supplies. But I found that the fanny pack was limited in that I could not attach my bow or rifle when I had some technical terrain to cover. And on that rare shed hunting trip where I actually came out heavier than I went in, the fanny pack was not cutting it. I don’t believe there is one pack that can meet every scenario but I’ve been looking for a pack that can adjust to the 90% of hunting situations that I encounter. I think I’ve found that pack in the Crooked Horn Trailblazer 2.

I started using the Trailblazer several weeks ago on multiple scouting/shed hunting hikes. The Trailblazer is lightweight (3 pounds) and very comfortable. The waist band has ample padding and although the shoulder straps are only lightly padded, the waist belt takes the bulk of the weight so I didn’t feel any shoulder fatigue even after several 3 to 4 hour hikes. There is plenty of room for anything you would need on a day hike including plenty of water (there are 2 easy access water bottle holders) extra clothing, raingear, food, first aid kit, etc. There are also plenty of straps to attach your tripod, shooting sticks, bow or rifle. I think any pack worth its salt must have several quick release straps to tie on your coat, scope, shooting sticks & most importantly antlers. The Trailblazer meets the task with ease.

I like that this pack is low profile, which makes going under & thru brush much easier as it never gets snagged or caught up to “clothesline” you as you duck under a tree limb. I have always hated that I have to take my multi-tool off my belt before using a backpack but the Trailblazer 2 has that covered as well. It has a nice pouch with a velcro closure just for a knife, Leatherman, flashlight or anything else you want easy access to without removing the pack. The bow/rifle pouch is nicely constructed as well. It holds your weapon very close to your body & prevents it from swaying & throwing off your balance, which is important when climbing in steep rugged terrain.

In conclusion, the Trailblazer 2 is a versatile, lightweight pack this meets my daypack needs perfectly. It is waterproof, durable and comfortable and has the ability to carry a load when called upon. The material is very sturdy and I highly doubt you could wear it out in a lifetime. Though it would be difficult to fit a sleeping bag & pad on this pack for an overnighter, it works great for any day hikes, which is what my needs are 95% of the time anyway. I highly recommend this pack and will be using mine exclusively for all my future day hiking/hunting needs.

What they could do better:
– The sternum strap could be made easier to adjust
– A little more padding in the shoulder straps would be nice

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Crooked Horn Trailblazer 2 Backpack Review
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