Coyote 65 by Kelty

Editor: Johnny LeMaster

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Just the Facts:

Tried and true, and now available in a smaller liter capacity – meet the Coyote 65. The Coyote 65 offers all the same great features as it’s larger brother, and the 65L capacity is versatile for a range of backcountry trips. The PerfectFIT™ suspension offers one-size-fits-all versatility and comfort with an on-body adjustment system, while the single LightBeam™ aluminum stay gives this pack outstanding support for heavy loads. A separate sleeping bag compartment keeps your gear organized and makes packing a breeze. Plus, the top lid converts into a sling pack for shorter excursions from camp.


  • Top Loading
  • Top Lid converts to sling pack
  • Front panel access
  • Pass-through behind zippered side pockets
  • Large front pocket with organization
  • Stretch front shove-it pouch
  • Side compression straps
  • 2 Hide-away ice axe loops
  • Dual pick-up handles
  • Hydration compatible
  • Hipbelt pockets
  • PerfectFIT™ adjustable suspension
  • Hex Mesh backpanel, shoulder straps and hipbelt
  • HDPE frame sheet
  • HDPE reinforced waistbelt
  • Load-lifter straps
  • Lumbar support
  • Belt stabilizer straps
  • Sternum strap
  • Single Lightbeam aluminum stay


  • Volume: 3950 in3/ 65 L
  • Frame Type:  Internal
  • Weight:  4 lbs 13 oz / 2.2 kg
  • Torso Fit Range:  15.5 – 21 in / 39 – 53 cm
  • Dimensions: 33 x 17 x 14 in / 84 x 43 x 36 cm
  • Body Fabric: Poly 420D Small Back Stafford
    Reinforcement Fabric: Poly 75x150D Tasser Coal
  • Frame Material: Aluminum + HDPE

My Story:

If you are looking for a multiday pack that features great comfort, adjustability, storage, and organization  you need to check out the Kelty Coyote 65.  They took all of the tried and true features from the larger Coyote 70 for women, and the Coyote 80 for men and put them in the smaller capacity designed for men.  You will truly be amazed at just how much this pack can fit, and how organized you will be while on the trails.  If you need a great lightweight multiday pack look no further than the Kelty Coyote 65.

I got the Coyote 65 at the beginning of the summer and immediately started working on planning numerous backpacking trips to take place over the summer months.  I talked to friends, did some internet research on locations, and played off my past experiences to figure out where I wanted to spend my days hiking the beautiful spots of the northwest, and spend my nights staring at the stars as I drifted off to sleep.  I had so many plans starting to take shape, it was going to be a busy summer.  Then the great disappointment happened, I hurt my knee at work.  I hadn’t even had the opportunity to go on one trip yet, I had to stare at my Coyote 65 and dream about where I was going to go as soon as my knee was strong enough to get on the trail.

Finally near the end of the summer I felt confident enough in my knee to attempt a hike and finally get to try out the pack I had been dying to try out.  I pulled out all of my back packing gear, sorted through it to decide what I needed for this trip.  I was a little worried about the size of this pack.  I was a little worried I might not be able to fit everything I needed (wanted) to take.  My previous pack was much bigger, and more often then not was full up with gear for my trips.  I started out with just packing minimalist gear in the Coyote 65.  I started loading the pack from the bottom zipper that leads to a lower compartment that is separated by the rest of pack by a removable divider.  I stuffed my sleeping bag, hammock, hammock tarp, and sleeping pad in the bottom compartment.  I was shocked to see that I could have fit even more in the compartment.  I moved on to packing gear through the top compartment access, placing my cook set, dehydrated meals, extra cloths and a few other items.  I still had room left.  I had the majority of my necessities in the pack, room to spare in the main compartment, and I hadn’t even touched the outside compartments yet.  As I continued to place my small gear in the easy to organize smaller pockets, I kept finding more great features of this pack.

The lid has two pouches for separating gear.  The waist belt has two zippered pockets for quick easy access.  Two larger side zip pouches with pass through access behind them for securing trekking poles, fishing poles, and any other long items you want to have quick access to. Below the zippered side pouches are two mesh stretchable pouches. The front compartment has two smaller separator compartments at the back of the larger front compartment.  Hidden behind the compartment is a large U-shaped zipper that provides another access to the main compartment.  The main compartment also boasts a hydration system sleeve with straw access on both sides.   On the front of the pack is a large stretchy stuff pouch that creates a great place for stuffing a rain coat or long sleeve shirt for easy access on the trail.

I stuffed everything I need for the trip for myself and my dog in my pack, threw in a few extras including a small pillow, simply because I had the room.  I closed up all of the compartments and staged the pack by my door ready to head to the trail as soon as I woke up the following morning.

I hit the trail around mid-morning.  I threw the pack on my shoulders, adjusted the Kelty PerfectFit suspension system with the two easy to reach straps, adjusted the shoulder straps chest strap and waist belt, and synched down the load straps to adjust the weight on my upper back.  The single aluminum stay internal frame provides comfortable support.  With so many adjustments I was able to dial in the load to the most comfortable position possible.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Coyote 65 was on my back.  The shoulder harness, hip belt and back have a ton of padding.  No matter how I moved, leaned, and tilted while hiking I never had to worry about rubbing and pressure points during the 6.5 mile hike in.  Before I knew it I was stumbling up the final hill to the lake where I was to meet some friends.  I hardly noticed the weight on my back the entire trip.  Even while taking breaks during the hike I never took off my pack.  It was just that comfortable to wear.

I got into camp, said hi to everyone, picked out the perfect place to set up my hammock and  set my pack on the ground.  I easily accessed the lower compartment pulled out my sleeping set up without disturbing the rest of my gear.  After setting up my home for the next few days, I unzipped the U-shaped front zipper and pulled out my cooking set and a meal to make a quick lunch before our group did a day hike over to the a near by lake to check out the fishing and to look for future camp sites.

I unbuckled the lid, and pulled the padded shoulder strap out of its hiding spot, loosened the two cross straps and loaded up the two pockets with water, and fishing gear for the hike to the near by lake.  The padded single shoulder strap, and cross straps kept the pack in its place on my upper back, keeping it from sliding around, for a comfortable carry.  During the hike the pack lid day pack got some great impressed comments from my friends.  They loved the idea of not having to pack an additional day pack or unloading most of your gear out of your main pack for short day hikes.  We got to the lake, I strapped the lid around my waist line a fanny pack for quick easy access to my flies and started casting for the ever elusive brook trout.  After a few hours of digging in my pack lid day pack every few minutes trying to find the correct fly, we decided our exploration for the day had come to an end and it was time to head back to camp.  I unbuckled the pack from around my waist, and buckled it back up on my upper back for the walk back to camp.  I absolutely love having the built in day pack.  This is by far my favorite feature of the Coyote 65.

The next few days involved strapping on the pack lid day pack, grabbing my fishing pole and heading to near by lakes to fish, explore new areas and swim in the glacier fed crystal clear water.  Easily picking and choosing what gear I needed for the days adventures from all of the pouches on my Coyote 65.  When the final day arrived, I packed up my gear back into their little hiddy holes all over the pack.  We did one final walk through to make sure we didn’t leave any trash or other items behind.  Through our packs on our backs, made quick adjustments, and headed out down the trail sad to be leaving such a beautiful adventure.

The hike out was much like the hike in.  I hardly realized I had the Coyote 65 on my back as we meandered our way down the trail, stopping to grab fistfuls of huckleberries, take some photos to remember the trip by, and to grab a quick geocache near the trail head.  I can’t wait for the next trip with my Kelty Coyote 65 pack.  I am absolutely in love with all of the comfort, storage, and other features this pack has to offer.  I would recommend this pack to anyone looking to find a great pack at a very reasonable price that will make your packing trip all the more enjoyable.  This is a great well made pack that comes in the perfect new size for multiday pack trips.

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What could be done better:

I give this pack 5 stars.  The only thing that could possibly be done any better would be to cut down on the weight a little.  Although I think the only way to do that would make you loose some of the compartments and features that make this pack so great.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability