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Over the years, Butler Bag’s philosophy has never changed: make it in the USA and make sure our sleeping bags are the absolute best!


An all season bag built for comfort and rugged wear. This is not a “lightweight backpack mummy style bag” but is designed specifically for wall tent, horseback or truck camping. Butler’s all-season model features three sleeping compartments to choose from, depending on outside temperatures. There is also a fourth pocket to insert your ground pad or air mattress for additional comfort. The All Season Bag also is also designed with sewn in end ropes, two nylon chinch straps and double heavy-duty carrying straps. This famous sleeping bag is sold worldwide to outfitters, sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who demand comfort, quality and style. From cowboys and trail riders, to scouts and hunters, or overland explorers around the world all know the value a good night’s sleep that gets you ready for your next adventure and that starts with a Butler Bag!

All Butler sleeping bags are constructed with heavy duty, dual control brass zippers. An anti-draft water flap is sewn to the outside. The exterior features the use of tough, long lasting marine grade canvas. Inside, the bag is lined with soft, polyester/cotton flannel, designed specifically for comfort, warmth, and durability. At the head of the bag is a flannel-lined flap, designed to cover your head on those extra cold nights.
Butler Bags are “Made in the U.S.A. by backcountry aficionados with manufacturing based in Cedar City, Utah. Butler Bags continue to source premium raw materials from USA manufacturers. Combined with their meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship, Butler Bags are the most durable and comfortable sleeping bags available anywhere. Butler Bags are built to last and can be thrown out on the bare ground, thanks to its tough marine-grade canvas exterior and bombproof dual-control brass zipper.”
Over 30 years ago the Butler Sleeping Bag Company was formed with an unwavering commitment to making quality sleeping bags that meet the demands of our customers. After years of searching for the perfect, all-around sleeping bag, Jimmie Butler, (Company Founder) and an avid outdoorsman/hunter, was unable to find a bag versatile and comfortable enough to fulfill his needs, so he designed one himself.
Over the years, Butler Bag’s philosophy has never changed: make it in the USA and make sure it’s the absolute best!
With an unwavering commitment to making quality products that meet the demands of customers that same commitment remains strong today. Comfort, protection and durability never go out of style.

• Size: 41″X84″ (approx. sleeping area)
• Comfort Zone: -20 to +65 degrees.
• Weight: approx. 22 lbs.
• Dimensions. 12 x 12 x 48 in
• Filler: Hollofil 808
• Outer: 12.5 ounce marine grade, water repellent canvas
• Lining: Polyester/Cotton Flannel
• Zipper: Heavy duty brass zipper
• Color: Desert Tan / Woodsman Plaid
• All seams reinforced
• Made in the USA

Hollofil 808 Filler/Lined with Polyester/Cotton Flannel

butler bag

Heavy Duty Brass Zippers

butler bag review

My Butler Bag Thrown Out On The Ground – Durability!

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I continue to emphasize that your choice of a sleeping bag is one of the most important gear decisions that you will make. I’ve slept in many different bags over the years that simply did not live up to their temperature nor comfort ratings. In most instances I use lightweight mummy style bags that are primarily designed for backpacking. However, when I have the opportunity to use a sleeping bag in my truck or in a nice frame tent then I prefer a different style. That’s why I began researching the famous, “Butler Three Season Bag,” a model that features 3 quilted Holofil lined compartments to sleep between, thus allowing you to choose the right amount of “covers” to sleep comfortably depending on outside temperatures. There is also a fourth pocket where you can easily insert your ground pad or air mattress. This sleeping bag is more like a heavy duty, durable, portable bed that will take all the outdoor abuse that you can handout! I have heard people talk about the famous Butler Bag for years and after inspecting the quality workmanship at a recent trade show decided that this sleeping bag would meet my expectations and demands for camping at my truck, on wall tent hunting trips and in a variety of other situations where I wasn’t in backpack situations.

This bag is made out of USA manufactured, insulated marine grade, water-proof canvas. Extremely durable, this material won’t snag nor will it wear out. Heavy-duty brass zippers protect the soft, warm and very comfortable Holofil 808 Polyester Flannel Lining. Designed to be a 4-season bag, this sleeping systems layering system is versatile for a wide range of temperature extremes rated from a bone chilling -22 up to +65 degrees. I slept comfortably outside on the ground earlier this spring on in my Butler bag when the water froze solid overnight in my water jug. Believe me, there was a thick layer of frost on top of the canvas exterior when I awoke in the morning. That night I did choose to pull the cleverly designed flap over my head for protection to keep the frigid air out. The thick, extra warm polyester/flannel filled with Holofil kept me warm throughout the night.

With all my sleeping bags I prefer to sleep on top of a protective air mattress and Butler Bags have an internal compartment for you to insert your air pad into. Outstanding feature! They also come with a nice flannel-covered pillow. This sleeping bag is large enough for you to move around in without feeling “claustrophobic.”

Sleeping On Top of My Four-Wheeler Trailer In A Butler Bag

butler bag review

Although Butler’s All-Season sleeping bag weighs in at 22 pounds, it is worth “the extra weight in gold” when driving to a camp or having your bedroll packed in by horses. This bag also features two nylon cinch straps for compression, sewn in end ropes to cinch up the ends for packing it into an awesome storage (stuff sack) bag that actually large enough for you to fit your bag in. Two secure, reinforced carry handles, come in very handy. Simply stated, the Butler bag does not compromise on size, weight or material and is perfect for specific camping situations. All Butler Bags come with a Lifetime Warranty. The All-Season Bag is priced at around $400 and is well worth the price and quality.

For additional information please find the entire Butler Bags product line at or by contacting them at 1-800-922-2247. You can also email them at [email protected]

What they could do better:

It’s difficult for me to find anything wrong with Butlers All Season Sleeping Bag. It has a specific purpose and is perfect for those situations. This sleeping bag met my demands perfectly! Keeping my boots warm out on the mountain.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability