Bull Pack Hunting Pack Review

Editor: Cory

Just the Facts:

BULL PAC – Standard Width
Regular Width – Comfortable for anyone up to a 50” chest.
The Toughest, Most Durable Frame Available
The Most Comfortable Suspension Available
Powder Coat Finish Olive Drab Matte
14.5” Wide X 26” High, w/ 8” Rigid, Integral Cargo Shelf
1”, 1.5” and 2” Heavy Poly-Pro Webbing, doubled in load-bearing applications.
420 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth.
1”X3” Hi-Density, Closed-Cell Foam Shoulder Pads w/ Sternum Straps.
Full back pad and waist belt w/ kidney support.
Quick detach, non-slip buckles for quick and secure adjustments.
Weight – Bull Pac 5.4 lbs. / Bull Pac Adapted for Alice Pack 5.8 lbs.
Bull Pac – 14.5” Wide X 26” High, w/ 8” Rigid, Integral Cargo Shelf


My Story:
Have you ever been in a predicament that had you wanting a specific tool or piece of gear that would literally change everything about the task at hand? Well, being as most of the readers here are outdoors enthusiasts I’m going to guess that is a yes. There really is nothing worse than not having the right tool for the job. When it comes to packing heavy loads of awkward loads a sturdy frame is an absolute must! With all the packs in the world today that offer a best of both worlds type of pack and frame one might say the traditional pack frame is a thing of the past. I vehemently disagree with this statement. When it comes to those heavy awkward loads that just don’t really want to fit into any pack the Bullpacs Bull Pac frame stands up puts it’s hand in the air and screams “PICK ME”!
I was sent a prototype pack from the good people at Bullpacs to test and review. The traditional frame was accompanied by a removable extension rail that can be added to give the frame more height. The idea was to hopefully allow the frame to facilitate a large decoy bag or really anything that just needed a little more support. If you are waterfowl hunter I’m sure you can sympathize with the pains of trying to get your decoys into the marsh. Sometimes the old cart just can’t be pulled through all the tall march grass and there are just some places a boat can’t go. Sure, they make decoy bags with straps but no matter how hard you try there always seems to be a little plastic beak trying to perform a deep tissue message in some ever so sensitive spot on your back. So, what is the hardcore waterfowl hunter to do? Well, with the Bull Pac frame and extension the game has just changed. Now you can securely attach your decoy bag to a firm comfortable pack frame that is much taller than a standard frame and purpose built for the task.
The waterfowl season has come and gone. I wanted to test this new frame out. Knowing I was not going to be going into the field with a bag of decoys I had to figure out how to truly test this frame. Well, with a little help from my two daughters and a fun little walk around the block I tested the frame with an adjustable load. After that little trial I put on one of our large decoy bags and tried that out as well. The frame worked perfectly and I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to have a ridged and sturdy support for an otherwise floppy and awkward bag of load.
The Bull Pac frame is not only good for those long decoy packs. It is also a traditional pack frame that would serve an outdoorsman wonderfully in the elk woods. Being as it was not elk season and I could not strap a quarter on the frame and pack it out I had to think of something else to do and as luck would have it the elk shed season was in full swing. I called a good friend and we hit the woods in search of brown bone gold. Shed season is not unlike hunting season as it takes a person into the same terrain that you would be hunting. The horns are after all a product of the animal and it stands to reason that they will be found in relatively the same place.
I wanted to test out the Frame but also knew that the day would be long and I was going to need some supplies so I strapped my normal hunting pack to the frame and solved that problem. (It should be noted that Bullpacs does offer combo frame/packs.) With a fresh set of legs and a comfortable pack I set into the hills and was soon in elk country. Luck is a somewhat elusive thing to me and I often find the bad kind more than anything else. There are those days however that the dice go my way and this was one of them.

Bull Pack Hunting Pack
Bull Pack Hunting Pack

My fist glassing spot was short lived as I immediately spotted a shed lay tines up in the sun. The glorious sight got my blood pumping and the huge canyon that I had to cross seemed an insignificant obstacle in the way of glory. The sweet smell of victory was soon upon me as I held that brown gold in my hand and as if the day could not get any better I soon spotted another shed in the distance. All said and done I came out of the hills with three elk shed and a nice little whitetail shed. Each shed was fixed to the frame with the Bullpacs straps and awkward as the load was it felt comfortable. This was definitely a job for a sturdy frame.

Bull Pack hunting pack
Bull Pack hunting pack


I can’t really say enough about this Bullpacs Bull Pac as it really is one of the better built frames I have used. It is purpose build for hauling heavy loads and it does the job exceptionally well. If you are in the market for a nice new pack frame I highly recommend looking into Bullpacs.

What can be done better?
The only thing that I could see to improve would be to add some type of keeper to the frame for the flat straps. The hooks on the side are great for tying down with 550 cord or something similar but a top and bottom keeper for the Bullpacs strap would be nice to see. That is more of a personal desire than anything else. This pack frame is solid and a great product. You really can’t go wrong here and I recommend it without reserve.

Bull Pack Hunting Pack Review
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