Bogs® Sitka Insulated Boot Review

Just the Facts:
Here is a quick list of form and features for the Bogs Sitka insulated boot review:
• Fantastic winter hunting and ice fishing boot
• 8mm of Neo-Tech Lite insulation with Bogs Max-Wick™ lining to manage sweat moisture, surrounded with 1000 grams of Thinsulate to lock heat in
• 5.4 lbs. per pair (size 10—nearly 2lbs lighter than other brands’)
• A waterproof 3mm Neo-Tech™ snow cuff lined with plush fleece to seal out wet and cold
• The thermo-molded EVA midsole and deep lug outsole provide great traction in snow
• Scent Combat bio-technology activates to fight unwanted odors
• Rebound technology in outsole provides extra comfort
• Height: 16 1/2”
• Price range $125-$165

Editor: Mark

My Story
Where better to test a boot than at a lake in the cattails and muck?!! Near where I live is a wide, shallow lake surrounded on all sides by acres and acres of wetlands. The marshy muddy shoreline is rich with pheasants for the late fall hunt. And the number of fish rolling through the shallows is always an adventure for the having.
I prefer wearing boots when I know there is mud and water but unlikely I am not going in over my knees. That said, I hate it when cattails, reeds, and all the other filthy bed-bottom garbage channels down your leg and into the boot. The Sitka comes with a cinch cord at the top of the boot that puts an end to that.
When Bogs says this is a warm boot they are not just whistling Dixie! This is an incredibly warm boot. What’s more, it is light to wear and that’s not a small advantage when you are slogging through miles and miles of muck.
The Bogs Sitka has a very pronounced footpad with accentuated lugs on the sole and perimeter, which kept excellent traction. Whether hunting birds or ice fishing on the high mountain lakes, the Sitka is sure footed. The fit was nice and snug, but not tight and not uncomfortable. I have hiked many a mile in this boot and it wears like iron and performs well in a variety of conditions.
I especially like the warmth of this boot. I typically wear two pair of socks, a lighter merino wool and then a heavier wool sock over that one. Two socks maybe in the winter ice fishing, but you will not need the extra pair when hunting in the fall. These boots are strong, flexible and warm.
Using a 5-star system, here is how I rate the Bogs Sitka insulated boot:

Comfort – 4.5
Performance – 4.5
Style – 4.5
Durability – 5
Fit – 5 (length and width true to size)
Overall – 4.8

What They Could Do Better
Hey, let’s not get too greedy! This boot performs well at any price and is well priced for the performance it delivers. My boots are less than a year old but they have performed exceptionally. Sometimes you get a rubber boot that tears on a fence or sharp stick. This boot has been very durable for me. It wears well and seems to be very resilient to the barks, bumps, and bruises that shoes take in the outdoors.
Last but not least, sometimes rubber boots squeak. This one does not. I forget how nice it is to have a quiet shoe until I get to squeak-squawking with every stride. If you hunt or fish and do it when it is cold outside, I highly recommend this boot!

bogs sitka boot

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