Blacks Creek Alaskan Back Pack Review

[rating: 3/5]

Would we recommend to Friend: YES, but there is better options


Many pockets allow you to organize well

Very good for packing a rifle, multiple options

Very adjustable, one pack fits all

Great Meat packer, very good idea to have quarters in the middle of the pack.

Many many tie down points on exterior of pack, a great bonus!


Weight went out not up, made for tippy big loads

Waste band seemed hard to adjust quickly

Noise, we had a real squeeking issue with our pack

Comfort was a bit of an issue, we felt the shoulder straps could use more padding.



We used this pack on a LE Utah Elk Hunt. The pack was used for a day pack with a relatively light load until we harvested an animal. We then loaded the pack down with two different pack out jobs. Each time carrying a hind quarter of a large elk. The pack handled this well, but had average comfort. The shoulders straps became a little painful.

We did feel that the pack could easily be used for a 3-5 day back pack trip.

Later in the hunt after several days of use the pack became a little squeeky. I like a quiet pack and this one turned noise.


What could they do better:

Figure out a way to expand upwards not backwards.

Blacks Creek Alaskan Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability