BadLands Monster

Badlands  Monster Fanny Pack Review

Editor: Darren

Basic Description:

High Capacity Fanny Pack with Shoulder straps and hydration system

Just the facts:

2 lbs 14 oz, 1100 ci capacity, 4 compartments, 4 pockets, Max-1 or AP Camo


This pack seems to be intended for a hunter going all day long but there are some problems with the set-up.  The most notable is that the maximum size of hydration bladder is 35 oz. max.  Besides having to carry additional water or a purifier to refill your small hydration bladder regularly, you may have the hardest hunt finding a hydration bladder small enough to fit.  Badlands should at least offer one on their website or have a link to where you can get one. Another weakness of “The Monster” is in the belt.  While it is very comfortable when it fits, if you are a waist 32 or smaller, the belt is too large and you cannot use the belt to carry the weight on your hips.

Despite these weaknesses, The Monster has some strong points.  It has many external attachment points for extra items and would easily support a bedroll for overnight use if necessary. Despite the size limitations, it has an excellent belt system and well thought out pockets and compartments.  Shoulder straps can be stowed if the load does not justify their use.

Construction is very durable and high quality and as with all Badlands packs has their no questions asked lifetime warranty.

What they could do better:

Instructions!  Packs continue to be more and more sophisticated yet the manufacturers assume that all of the features are intuitive.  They need more detail either with the pack or on their website.  The bladder system is nice but why not allow a larger bladder?  A 35 oz. bladder simply isn’t large enough considering the person buying this fanny pack obviously wants to carry a lot and most likely will be out a while.  Also, offer a bladder that fits the pack.  The only bladder offered on the Badlands website is 100 oz.

My personal experience is that the rubber tabs on the zippers frequently break off.  Something more durable and easy to pull would be a nice improvement.

Badlands Monster Fanny Pack Review
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