BadLands Hypervent Day Pack Review

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Basic Description of item:

Light weight hunting or hiking pack made to carry all you equipment needed and keep you dry during warmer seasons.

Just the Facts:

The Badlands Hypervent was the first pack designed to address the problem of transferring heat away from the body, while still maintaining the optimal center of gravity. This feature allows you to stay cool and comfortable while hauling loads up and down mountains. Other features of the pack include an aluminum internal frame, an external spotting scope pocket and lashings for attaching a bow.
Technical Information

Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz

Dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 8″

Capacity: 2050 ci

Compartments: 3



I have been using the Badlands Hypervent Pack for the last few seasons. I have guided several hunts in Utah and during the earlier hunts I use to complain about how sweaty my back would get after a day hunt. The Hypervent seems to help keep you dry by placing the aluminum frame internal to the back. This pushes the pack away from your back. In between your back and the frame is a space that is created called the “vent” or baffle that allows air to flow between the pack and your back. This seems to work quite well. While you will still collect some wetness where the support runs along your lower back and spine, it is nothing like wearing a traditional pack. This has become very important to me as it reduces the amount you sweat and thus the need to replenish from the water or gatorade bottles allowing you to carry less in you pack making it lighter. The other thing I like about it, is that when you sweat less you stay a lot warmer when the day turns to night and the temperatures drop.

The Hypervent offers a lot of storage space for the size and weight of the pack. It offers , 2050 cubic inches. The Hypervent weighs in at 3 lbs 4 ounces, which is very nice and lite. It also is equipped with the ability to add a hydration system, which typically includes a water bladder, tube, and bite valve. The Hypervent can take a 110 oz bladder. Although this isn’t included you have the capability to add one if desired. The hydration system is also easy to install with a separate integral pouch for the bladder and a grommet that you run the tube through taking it from inside the pack to right in line with your shoulder strap. The hydration tube can be further secured to the left shoulder strap by a piece of elastic near the top of the strap. The Hypervent also has a dedicated spotting scope pouch. The Hypervent is made of water resistant material, that will keep it dry with modest amounts of dew or rain, although its not going to stay dry in a downpour.

The Hypervent is very comfortable and quick to fit to your body. The shoulder strap and lower lumbar support have quick set straps that are easy to pull tight or loosen by applying proper pressure to the strap lock. I have found that the Hypervent pack straps, whether on the lumbar region or on the shoulders are particularly well padded and very comfortable.

The pack is also pretty quiet once it has been broken in. Those of you who like to carry a handgun while hunting can store a smaller size pistol without issue in the side pouches at the lower back, longer handguns would be a problem.

Badlands offers a simple warranty policy that lasts for the lifetime of the pack. If the problem is the owner’s fault they will repair it to the best of their ability at no charge. If it’s their fault they will replace it at no charge. I am a avid hunter that goes non stop and I can say that this pack is still working great for me.

The spotting scope pouch is a tubular pouch that sits off the back. It is better used with the straight spotting scopes as opposed to one with an angle, for instance the Swarovski STS versus ATS series. My angled spotting scopes fits ok, but not as well as an inline would due to the size of the pouch. If you don’t use a spotting scope, you may find the pouch to be annoying since it takes up space as it is not easily used by none tubular objects.

In conclusion I feel the Hypervent is a well thought out and quality product if you want the added support of an internal frame and want to cut down on the sweat on long hikes this is a pack I would recommend.


What they could do better:

Not much to change. It might be nice to have a roll down back flap that you can attach orange to (or simply have blaze orange on the flap) for the hunters in Utah and other states that require blaze orange, but this is still a great pack without that!


BadLands Hypervent Day Pack Review
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