Alps Outdoorz Matrix Hunting Pack Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Information:
The Alps Outdoorz Matrix Hunting pack, is one of the best hunting packs available. Some of the key features and functions are:
Unique Design that allows you to carry your crossbow, gun or compound bow
Unique Fastening System that secures weapon to both sides of the pack. Two Padded Straps start in the middle of the pack, wrap around the weapon, then fasten to each side for a secured carry. Front Zippered “Wing Pockets” will allow you to protect and secure your weapon or gear when hauling
Drop Down Pocket helps keep your weapon secured
Organizational Pocket inside of main compartment to keep your gear organized
Extension Lashing Straps included for extra large/bulky loads
Padded Waist Belt with a pocket on each hip
Center Aluminum Stay for great support
Blaze Orange Rain Cover included
Hydration Pocket and Port

Just the Facts:
Pattern Options:
Realtree Xtra
Pockets: Main, 2 Front Wing Pocket, 2 Side Mesh, 2 Waist belt
Size: 2700 / 44L
Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.

My Story:

I had an afternoon to burn this spring, and was anxious to hit the hills near my home searching for shed antlers. When I go out on this type of an outing, I usually over pack, but better over prepared than under prepared!

matrix pack by Alps Outdoorz
matrix pack by Alps Outdoorz

Because of my tendency to over pack, I felt that a new mid sized pack was appropriate for this day journey. A trip to my local sporting good store found me looking over all of the well known hunting packs: Badlands, Easton, Eberlestock, etc. I however, did just not want, to spend the money that it would take to buy one of these packs.They ranged from 250-400 Dollars. OUCH!
The young man that was helping me said “You should check out the Alps packs, to me they look just as good and are half the cost of the other packs” Ok, I am in I said, and I grabbed the Matrix by Alps Outdoorz.

I was happy to get out of the store with the Alps Matrix Back pack for under $100, yup under $100 for about the same feature set as the BadLands and Eberlestock packs.

I headed to the hills with my pack LOADED with gear: Spotting Scope, Tripod, safety Kit, Rope, water, knife, saw, extra coat…on and on. The 2700 cubic inch Matrix was loaded, with several items also strapped to the exterior.

I started my hike in a very steep section of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. I had to use walking sticks just to keep my footing, and attempt to hike up through the shale. I immediately noticed the comfort of the waist and shoulder straps on the Matrix pack.
The shoulder straps are not overly huge and bulked up with padding, which I personally prefer. The waist band is WIDE, and well padded. The lumbar support is well placed, and sized. The lumbar support did allow me to pull the load into that area of my back and feel properly balanced.

I also noted how well the I was able to tighten down my load and keep it from sloshing side to side. This is a day pack, and recognize you are not going to be carrying days of gear, but the gear that is in the pack is secure!

I also enjoyed the pocketing on this pack. It has 2 well placed pouches on the waist band. In one I kept my small range finder, and in the other a couple of granola bars. I was able to reach these pockets without taking the pack off. NICE!

The padding placed on the surface against your pack is well constructed and not solid. It has gaps and spacing that allow for some air flow, and the ability to stay a little cooler than you would with a BadLands.

I spent a full day wearing this pack! I was able to find and secure several shed antlers, and safely carry them and my 30 pound load. I came out of the mountains heavier than I went in! Which is always a good thing.

I would feel comfortable taking this pack on a day hunt, and hauling out either a deer or elk quarter on it. It is well constructed, very durable, very comfortable, and very importantly it has great VALUE. The price of this pack plus the quality make it a strong buy!

Well Done Alps! You nailed it with the Matrix.

What they could do better:
I think any adds would add cost, and I think the current cost is a HUGE benefit.
Do not shy away from this pack due to the low price.
It could also use 2 stays vs 1. I believe this would make it a little better for packing out quarters.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability