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Made in the USA, the Alaska Guide Creations bino chest pack was forged in the crucible of the Alaskan wilderness. The innovative binocular harness chest pack, designed by Jaret Owens (guide and entrepreneur), was born from the need to survive and succeed in any outdoor endeavor, where optics are a must.
Incredibly strong, soft and durable, Alaska Guide Creation Bino Pouches not only hold your binoculars securedly to your chest, but they eliminate any bounce or uncomfortable movement. Designed out of need, this binocular chest pack allows tension free glassing and protects your “high end” optics from the elements. The Alaska Guide Creation Chest Pack is easily detachable and is designed with straps that will not stretch out after use. Advertised as the Worlds toughest original bino pack for optics protection, you can depend upon it to take care of business.

Randy Johnson Alaska Guide Creation

Designed to fit the widest array of binoculars, Alaska Guide Creations bino pouches are the original and most adaptable chest packs. Ideal for new Range Binoculars, 10×50, 12×50, 15 x 56 binos these pouches are also designed and capable of carrying any smaller binocular while providing extra storage capacity and easy access to your rangefinder, calls, wind checker, and other accessories.

Alaska Guide Creations take great pride in the craftsmanship and quality of each one of their products. Finely tuned over many years with serious testing in the worst conditions to ensure performance and comfort for every binocular choice, these bino packs are second to none. Their simple guarantee to you is a complete replacement if the product does happen to fail. That’s awesome service. Alaska Guide Creations stands behind their binocular chest packs and the protection they provide for your expensive optics. Their warranty only covers the packs themselves, of course. Optics are not covered by the warranty and the user should seek additional insurance for those items if needed. When choosing a pack, be sure to order the exact item you need for your binoculars. Color choices and camouflage patterns are shown for illustrative purposes only. Please be sure to look at the very patterns you choose and be sure it is the right choice. If you happen to change your mind on color or size, you can ship product “unused” to Alaska Guide Creations, and we will credit you the cost to choose a different pack. Shipping charges will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Alaska guide creation
Alaska guide creation bino pack

• Protects your valuable optics from the weather and exposure to the elements
• Technical design distributes weight of binoculars evenly on your chest.
• Chest Pack harness system prevents binocular sway, movement and sagging.
• Chest Pack is adjustable for the perfect fit for you.
• Harness system holds binoculars tight to your chest. Simple to adjust.
• Pouch lined with micro-fleece for added protection
• Lightweight, attachable waterproof bino shield can be purchased separately
• Zippered, side, front and back pockets for storage.


Denali – Holds Full Sized Binoculars up to 56mm objective lens
7.75-inch tall x 7-inch wide x 4 inches deep. Front Compartment measurements are approximately 6.5-inch tall x 6.75-inch wide x 2 inches deep. Side Compartment measurements are 6 inches tall x 3-inch wide x 1.5 inches deep. Rear Compartment measurements are 7-inch tall x 7 inches wide “flat”)

Alaska Classic – The original and most adaptable pack. Designed to fit the widest array of binoculars. Ideal for new Range Binoculars, 10×50 and 12×50, but also capable of carrying any smaller binocular while providing extra storage capacity and easy access to your rangefinder, calls, wind checker, and other accessories.

Kodiak C.U.B. – The little brother to the Alaska Classic. The Kodiak Cub has the same main compartment as the Kiss and the extra compartments, for storage of essential accessories, of the Alaska Classic. Fits most binoculars 8×32 – 10×42 and smaller.

K.I.S.S. Packs – The Kiss pack is designed for the minimalist. Fits most binoculars 8X32 – 10×42 and smaller.

As a desert sheep guide and hard core backpacker it is critical to my success that the gear I choose to use will hold up under the most difficult of conditions! When it comes to binocular harnesses I’m very demanding. It is absolutely essential that the bino pouch/harness or chest pack that I use will protect my high-end optics and hold my binoculars firmly against my body without bouncing. It becomes irritating if binocular chest straps stretch out or allow your optics to bounce when you are hiking or attempting a stalk on a trophy big game animal. Please keep in mind that I hike for hours each day in rugged terrain and not only need a bino chest pack that protects my optics from the elements but will also fit comfortably and distribute the weight from my neck to the larger shoulder and chest muscles. I have found a harness/pouch in the Alaska Guide Creation Chest Pack meets all the criteria I look for. It is large enough for me to access my binoculars to glass, is made of high quality materials and is comfortable to wear. The additional compartments are very nice to store a len’s pen, reading glasses, cell phone, headlamps in, etc. The pack itself is simple to adjust.
My friend Jaret Owens, who understands the needs of guides and hunters as well as anyone, designed the Alaska Guide Creations Chest Pack years ago and has tweaked and improved the design. I appreciate the fact that Jaret and his team have now designed various sizes of their bino packs to meet the needs of hunters who use a wide range of different sized optics.
I chose to order the Denali, Alaska Classic and Kodiak C.U.B. chest packs. The Denali is perfect for my large Swaro 15×56 optics, providing ample room for smooth access since I prefer to leave my “tripod adaptor” on my binoculars all the time. The Classic works extremely well for my 10×42’s and the C.U.B. is ideal for a smaller set of optics I use. I appreciate the fact that I can easily unclip the harness straps when carrying my binos inside a backpack or suitcase. A top elastic pocket, and zippered side and a back pocket are idea for carrying items such as a cell phone, bug spray, wind powders, etc, that you need quick access to. In rainy weather you can also attach the lightweight Alaska Guide Creation Bino Shield that you have to order extra to rainproof you pouch. I like the fact that I don’t have to wear the chest pack underneath my raingear to keep my optics dry and protected. Some individuals may think this chest pack is a little bulky. I personally have not found this be an issue for me as I like the additional protection and small compartments that these bino packs offer.

The Alaska Guide Creation Chest Packs can be ordered in a variety of multiple colors and camo patterns depending on the size and pack you choose to order. Prices range from $109.00 to $89 depending on the options you want. The warranty is excellent and I have never personally had an issue with customer service. These packs are made in the U.S.A., are well worth the money and will never wear out. I personally recommend purchasing.

What They Could Do Better:
In consideration of an outdoor binocular optics pouch marketplace that is highly competitive with multiple options Alaska Guide Creations has designed one of the very best bino chest packs out there. I can tell you that they have met my demands and expectations.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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