Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead by Trophy Taker Review

Editor: Mike

Description of Item and Product Features:

  • T-Lock Technology
  • Shuttle Blade Design Cuts Larger Entry and Exit Holes
  • Single Piece Cut-On-Contact Ferrule and Non-Vented Blades Deliver Bone Crushing Strength
  • T-Lock Blade-to-Ferrule Connection Guarantees… No Lost Blades!
  • Thick Blades Can Cut Dense Bone
  • Quiet Non-Vented Blades Won’t Spook Game
  • Shuttle T-Lock is Made Entirely of Heat-Treated Stainless Steel for High-Impact Strength
  • Metal Injection Molded
  • Available Sizes:
    100 gr, 1-1/8″
    125gr, 1-3/16″

I have been using the Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock broadheads off and on for about 4 years. I decided to use them first on an Elk Hunt in 2007. I was hunting the Dutton Unit in Southern Utah, this is basically a once in a life time opportunity. I took the selection of broadheads very seriously.
I purchase 3 different brands of broadheads, and shot all 3, comparing each to the other, and to my field points.
I decided to evaluate the broadheads based on just 2 criteria:

-Accuracy compared to field points


I shot field points, and photographed my shots, I then shot each broadhead 24 times and photoed my shots. During this test I found the Shuttle T-Lock to give me the best overall accuracy compared to the other 2 brands of broadheads.

I then focused on penetration into my foam target. I repeated the test, shooting 24 shots from each broadhead, at 40 yards. I measured the distance of penetration on each.
In this test I found the Shuttle T-lock broadhead to have the least amount of pentration…however it was very close. The Shuttle T, only penetrated 1 inch less than the others shot.
So, based on accuracy, and just a little worse penetration, I chose the Shuttle T-lock for my Utah Elk Hunt on the Dutton Unit.

I ended up shooting a nice 6×6 Bull Elk scoring 375 Gross, the shot was a total pass through, but was only at 5 yards, yes 5 yards.
I would go on to shoot 2 Mule Deer, and my brother in law has also harvested 2 Mule Deer with this broadhead.
In addition to great accuracy, I found the T-Lock to have GREAT durability! I have never recovered a miss that goofed up my broadhead, each time I have been able to replace blades and keep using.

Great broadhead, very accurate, not great penetration, but adequate.

Good broadhead, but the sharpness is suspect.

What they could do better:
They need to be sharper
They are over priced.

Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead by Trophy Taker Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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