PSE Bow Madness XL

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item: 2011 PSE Bow Madness, Camo Hunting Bow


Just the Facts: 36 inch axle to axle, 332 fPS, 6 inch brace height, weight 4.4 lbs.


I spent an afternoon at the local Archery Range setting up and shooting this bow.


The set up was pretty straight forward, we just slapped on a whisker bisquit, put on a cheap sight, tied on a release loop and away we went. I used a Scott release for the testing.

I was impressed with the first shot out of the bow. It was quiet and seemed quite fast! I was off a little bit, but had it shooting good groups quickly.

The bow was very quiet. I did notice some leaping in the bow. It wanted to jump forward when I shot, so it had some jerk but no vibration.

The bow did not feel very balanced in my hand. It seemed to pitch backwards when I held it loosely. I could probably fix this by trying different stabalizers.

The draw was smooth, with a very distinct STOP. I like this! It makes me know I am at the end.

I also shot 2 other bows that were in this price range, and concluded this bow was in the middle of the 3.

I think the bow looks cool! It has a very distinctive look and feel. I have owned several PSEs over the years, and this one is certainly better than all of them.

If you like PSE, like this crazy look, and are ok with a little shot shock, then this would be a good option.

What could they do better:


Littler better weight balance of the bow.

Publish the actual shooting speed, I do not buy 323.

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PSE Bow Madness XL Review
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