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Hoyt Vector Turbo Compound Bow Review

Just the Facts:
340 FPS(ATA)

The fastest, smoothest Hoyt ever. Vector Turbo features the sweet drawing and shooting RKT cam delivering a blistering, true 340 FPS. Naturally, as it’s a Hoyt, precision accuracy is uncompromised.The modular adjustable RKT Cam & 1/2 is specifically designed to retain speed even at shorter draw lengths. How about the ultra-low mass weight TEC Lite riser, arm-slap defeating Stealth Shot, Pro Lock X-Lite pocket, sleek XTS PRO ARC limbs, Perfect Balance (patent pending) design, and FUSE custom rigging. Vector Turbo, the fastest, smoothest Hoyt bow ever.

The Story
I spent the day at a local archery shops, shooting, shopping and talking about several bows.
On this day I decided to take a close look at the new Hoyt Vector Turbo.
The Vector is sporting a new Cam, the RKT Cam. The Cam promises a smoother draw cycle, or smoother than the Rampage, and the CRT, both use the older Fuel Cam.
I first shot the bow through the chronograph. The bow had a 29 inch draw length, shooting at 64 lbs. I shot a Gold Tip 7595 with a 100grain field point. 304 FPS, not bad!
I then went over to the range and shot over 30 arrows. The first 15 arrows without any type of stabilizer or dampener.
I noticed that the bow had some vibration, but not enough that you would say, wow that bow has hand shock. It was a very small vibration.
What I did notice was the extremely nice and easy draw cycle. Mission accomplished with the new RKT cam!
I then put a Sims vibration dampening stabilizer on the bow, and shot another 15 times.
I have never been a fan of any bow with a short brace heighth…but this bow won me over.

What I liked:
-Very smooth draw cycle, and an easy let down.
-Bow speed was outstanding
-Little to no vibration
-No hand shock.
-I found the bow to be very balanced in my hand.

Great job Hoyt, I think the new Cam is a big success, you hit the mark.

What they could do better:
This is NOT a cheap bow, get that price down at least $150.

Hoyt Vector Turbo Bow Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability

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