Hoyt Carbon Element Compound Bow Review

Editor: John

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Hoyt Carbon Bow, Hoyt’s top end hunting Bow

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323 FPS(ATA)




I have spent the last 6 months checking out and shooting many bows from many manufacturers. It has been a bow season of much change. 

The Hoyt Carbon Element is a cool looking bow that I had been anxious to shoot. I have owned a carbon road bicycle for several years and was hoping the Hoyt Carbon bow would give me the same advantages as did my carbon bike.

I put a drop away rest, a Sims vibration dampener, a string loop on the Carbon Element, and then grabbed a few Gold Tip arrows. I checked the draw weight, and found it to be 65 lbs.  The bow weighs 3.6 lbs, and I could feel that it was light, that low weight was noticable. The bow is equipped with the Fuel Cam, and the XTS Pro Arc limbs,  the same cam and limbs  that are found on the Rampage XT, and the CRX bows.

I made about 40 shoots over the couse of an hour, and made the following observations:

-The bow felt light, even though it is only slightly lighter than the Rampage line, I could feel a difference.

-The draw back was typically of a Hoyt, steady all the way back into the valley, with a distinct end!  There is a little extra room at the end of the draw but not much. I like the draw cycle.

-On the shot the bow felt like Carbon. Carbon really obsorbs vibration well. This bow did that, I could feel the deadness in my hand.

-The bow was accuarate and easy to hold on target, much like the Rampage XT and the CRX 32.

When I was all done shooting and thinking, I put the bow back on the shelf and was happy to be able to shoot such a high end, well built, and cool bow. Would I buy this bow with an almost $1200 price tag? I do not think so. The Hoyt Carbon Element is nice that is for sure, but it just does not give me an advantage over the Rampage XT, or the CRX.  It shoots the same speed, shoots the same pattern, and feels almost the same in my hand.

If I had the bow in my closet I think I would pick it up and use it, but I would be just as happy picking up a 500-800 dollar bow, and really would have all the same advantages.

What they could do better:

-This bow does not give me any real advantages over lower model bows, same speed, same accuracy.

-It is still just too much money.

Hoyt, Carbon Element, Compound Bow Review
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