Carter Enterprises Quickie Archery Release Review

Editor: John

Basic Description of Item:

Open jaw single sear archery release

Just the Facts:

– high quality 440 stainless steel parts, smooth contours, and option of travel adjustment with the turn of a set screw.

– open-jawed, single-sear wrist strap design offers a self-closing jaw which quickly relocks following each shot


Carter Enterprises has long been known for making the top archery releases. I have owned and used one for over 10 years, the lockjaw. I decided to give my older model away and try out one of their new models.

I spent some time doing research and ended with the Carter Enterprises Quickie 1 archery release. I really like the size, the look, the wrist strap, and the way the release reloads after shooting. I called Carter directly and had one shipped out.

I spent 2 days shooting this new release and comparing it to my old Carter. The Quickie gives me the feel of a clean crisp high end rifle trigger, it just launches the arrow with little to no interruption. Then, true to the advertising, it re-loads and is ready to hook on and shoot again.

I did  notice a significant improvement in accuracy, and I did feel I could shoot easier, it just felt smoother and better than the old Carter, and the other 2 releases I tried. This release is very adjustable, and I was able to easily get the length and pull weight adjusted to perfection.

The Carter Quickie sells for around $90, which is a towards the high end of releases, but this is a HIGH end release. The engineering quality, workmanship, and attention to detail are obvious. This does not just translate to a nice visual experience, it translated to a great functionality experience as well.

The Quickie Release by Carter Enterprises is WORTH the money. This is just an outstanding product!

Nice job again Carter, you continue to make the best.

What they could do better:

NOTHING, this thing is perfection in every way.

Carter Enterprises Quickie Archery Release Review "Editors Choice"
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability