Bowtech Assassin 2011 Compound Bow Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

2011 Bowtech Compound Bow, comes in complete package for $599

Just the Fact:

Draw Weight 50-70 lbs

Draw Length 26-30 inches

Bow Weight 3.8 lbs

IBO 333 fps

Brace 7 inches


I went to the local Archery Shop thinking, The Bowtech Assassin is a good buy for the beginner. It comes in a complete package set up only. It has good features for a modest price of $599. After shooting the bow, I still believed all of that ,and more.

BowTech R.A.K. equipped bows come standard with: A 4-Pin TruGlo Apex Sight, 1-Piece 5-Arrow Ultra-Lite Quiver, Octane Hostage XL arrow rest, 4” Light Stabilizer, Comfort Wrist Sling, BCY String Loop, Alloy Peep and Dura-Flx String Dampening Components.

That is a pretty impressive list of goodies.  The bow I shoot, I took out of the box, loaded in an arrow, and shot a very respectable group. Awesome.

After admiring the components, I focused on the feel of the bow. The draw, true to form for a Bowtech is smooth until it POPS into the valley of full draw. It absolutely stops at that point with no more pull possible. It is the most abrupt stop of any bow I have ever shot. I am ok with that, It make for consistency that is for sure.

I released 15-20 arrows, each time trying to feel any jerk, hand shock or vibration.

The hand shock was virtually zero. I did feel some vibration, probably a little more than on the Invasion, or the Hoyt Rampage XT, but it was still minimal and would not have any impact on your shot.

The bow felt very balanced in my hand, and I was able to easily aquire the target with the pins, and hold on with ease. I shot the bow very accuratlely, and could see this was a fast bow, with great accuracy.

The dealer raved about the Cam system, and swore up and down that this bow would NOT come out of tune…interesting.

By the time I left the shop I was thinking….man this would be a great bow for hunting. A guy could go buy it, take it out of the box and begin shooting, that is impressive, and for $599 it is more like amazing.

Nice job Bowtech, I am impressed.

What they could do better:

At this price point nothing.

Bowtech Assassin 2011 Compound Bow Review "Editors Choice, Bow Package"
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability