Week 4 Hunting Work Out (Recovery Week)


Hunting Fitness Week 4 – Recovery

Editor: David B

If you have stuck to a pretty rigid workout schedule for the past 3 weeks your body needs to recover. During my recovery week I normally focus on stretching, a little cardio and core maintenance.

Here is a sample workout schedule for the recovery week:

Monday: Yoga or Stretch – Core centered focus from your shoulders to your knees.

Tuesday: Stairmaster for 40 minutes

Wednesday: Yoga or Stretch

Thursday: Stairmaster for 40 minutes

Friday: Yoga or Stretch – Core centered focus from your shoulders to your knees.

Take Saturday and Sunday off as the next 3 weeks will be a butt-kicker!

I also would like to mention that I will begin breaking in my boots during this week by walking 2-4 miles per day. It should also be noted that I train on the stairmaster in my hunting boots as well. You will get some pretty odd looks from time to time, but when you are in the high country this fall you will not be wearing tennis shoes.

Next week we will begin incorporating a weighted backpack with our walking routine.

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