Week 5-9 Hunting Work out. Cross Fit work out plan


Workout weeks 5-9 During this time period we want to focus on our cardio as well as adding “micro” intense burst workouts throughout our day. The focus will be core and quad focused, because of the strain those muscles will face on the hunt. “Micro workouts” is my name for mini workouts lasting no longer […]

Week 4 Hunting Work Out (Recovery Week)


Hunting Fitness Week 4 – Recovery Editor: David B If you have stuck to a pretty rigid workout schedule for the past 3 weeks your body needs to recover. During my recovery week I normally focus on stretching, a little cardio and core maintenance. Here is a sample workout schedule for the recovery week: Monday: […]

Week 1 – 3 Hunting Prep Work Out


Hunting Fitness – Sample workout Week One – Week Three Monday – Chest, Back, Core, Quads – use good form; all exercises are preformed back to back with no rest in between 1) Regular push-ups = 25 reps 2) Wide Grip Pull-ups = 25 reps (using the assisted pull-up machine) 3) Clean Squat Press = […]

What does Randy Johnson recommend that hunters take on the Hunt of a Lifetime?

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