Schnee’s Granite Boot Review


Schnee’s Granite Boot Review Editor: Cory McLaughlin Just the Facts: Built with serious outdoorsmen in mind, the Granite™ is the pinnacle of the Schnee’s Montana Mountain Boot™ Series. 9″ tall 2.8mm thick leather uppers provide excellent ankle support while full length heavy duty 7mm nylon insoles provide rigid torsional support for carrying heavy loads on […]

Schnee, Schnee’s Beartooth Hunting Boot Review


Schnee, Schnee’s Beartooth Hunting Boot Review Just the Facts: The Schnee’s Beartooth™ is an uninsulated, lightweight mountain boot designed for those demanding exceptional support without unnecessary weight or an overly stiff boot. 8″ premium 2.6mm leather uppers provide plenty of ankle support and protection from rocks and brush while a breathable, waterproof membrane keeps you […]

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