Secur SP-6000 12 watt Solar charger Review


Secur SP-6000 12 watt Solar charger Review Editor: Mike Review of the Secur SP-6000 12 watt solar Panel and charging device Basic Decription of Item: • High Efficiency 12 Watt Solar Panel • 10,000 mAh Lithium Battery • Dual USB Ports with Smart Chip for Fast Charging • Waterproof Pouch for Smart Phone Charging Features […]

Phone Skope Review Phone Digi Scope adapter


Phone Skope Digi Scope adapter for phone Review Basic Description of Item Take pictures and videos from your smartphone and share them with your friends. Video chat with your friends and show them exactly what you are looking at in real time. Just the Facts: This 2 Piece C-2 iPhone 5 Case is constructed with […]

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