Walkstool Comfort Review



Walkstool Comfort 3 Legged Camp Stool

Basic Description:
A lightweight, portable, 3 legged stool for using while camping, hiking or scouting. The comfort model is made in Sweden and can hold 440+ lbs

Just the Facts:
– Walk stool 55 XL
– A height of 22 inches
– Weighs 28 ounces
– 15 inch seat size


I ran across Walkstool by chance and blew them off at first, as something that looks kind of gimmicky and something that wouldn’t really benefit me on the trips that I do. I ended up giving them a try and I really think I will be taking this on summer scouting trips and will most definitely be going on every camping trip I go on. No more sore back while sitting behind a spotter all day long. This seat is very comfortable and I have sat on it for hours at a time and is better than a foam sleeping pad any day of the week.

Each stool comes in a set size. Now it does collapse for storage and transport but the height is not adjustable. This is probably my only gripe. It would be very easy to add a second height option on each of these stools. So make sure you order the correct height. How are you going to know your proper height? Based on how I like to sit the 55XL is a few inches too high but works well. I would say most people 5’11” and under I would go with the 45L which goes to 18 inches. I would rather have a shorter stool than a taller one. If you are on uneven ground it helps to have a more sure footing.

Why should you buy one of these, and for what type of use? I would probably not take this on a hunt just because I don’t want the extra weight and I am not glassing all day long, I can sit on my foam sleeping pad. But for any recreational backpacking or camping I would take this stool every time. I would also take this on any scouting trip I am going on. It is great for sitting around camp or for glassing like I said before.

What they could do better:

Make an adjustable version. I don’t think you would have to have a lot of options just a fully extended height and then take 3 inches off and have a positive lock push button for the lower setting. Overall though for some guys these are going to be great! For car camping and scouting these are coming with me!

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