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The SOLO HUNTER “GUN COVER” is the first of its kind to hit the Outdoor Hunting and Shooting Market. This ALL NEW and REVOLUTIONARY product is the absolute best way to preserve and protect your rifle, muzzle loader or shotgun from the elements: Rain – Snow – Dirt – Sand – Mud – Limbs -Brush – and Glare.


Recently Caribou Gear added to their product line HUNTING HOUSE INNOVATIONS SOLO HUNTER “GUN COVER.” This is the first of its kind cover to hit the Outdoor Hunting and Shooting Market. This ALL NEW and REVOLUTIONARY product is the absolute best way to preserve and protect your rifle, muzzle loader or shotgun from Mother Nature. This heavy duty durable 240g Tricot water resistant fabric and heavy duty Cordura is soft and quiet. The self adjusting stretch fit covers and protects rifles from 24″ to 48” in total length. Available in Real Tree AP and Mossy Oak Break up as well as Oakbrush Snow. Hunting the Bush Country of Alaska or rugged HIGH DESERT terrain of southern Utah, this rifle cover is perfect when you have to abandon your hard case or when boarding a Super Cub or bush plane! It is also great when hunting volcanic ash or silt areas, beware of the fine dust that can affect the action of your expensive rifle.

On my backpack hunts it is extremely important for my clients to protect their rifle so that when they get the trophy of a life time in the rifle scope we are confident that the weapon is going to function properly. When the SOLO HUNTER Rifle COVER came out I saw the benefit it could have while we were “out on the mountain” to protect not only my valuable rifle but those of my hunters. At a price of $34.99 the added protection and durability the SOLO HUNTER gives to your weapon is a great bargain in my opinion.
In my personal field tests I have found that this gun cover works great while backpacking out in the toughest, meanest terrain you can find and has been outstanding in protecting my weapon from the weather. I’ve even used the cover to protect my guns while hauling them on my ATV. The cover is simple to use as it fits slick as a whistle over your gun and existing sling and can be removed quickly.
I would recommend the purchase of the SOLO HUNTER GUN COVER to any hunter who is truly interested in protecting their weapon from scratches, dust and the elements. I will be purchasing more of these gun covers for my friends on their birthdays or during the holidays.

What they could do better?

They nailed it, great idea and product!

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  1. S Jackson says:

    Ordered this gun cover from Remington and just received it. Bought it for my Remington 870, 12-ga. shotgun and noted the following about it: (1) Cordura nylon ‘snout’ which slips over the end of the barrel is a Very close fit on my ventilated rib barrel – particularly because it has one of those ‘HiViz’ magnetic shotgun sight attachments (with the green fluorescent light pipe), and (2) the Cordura nylon ‘snout’ is just long enough to fit from the tip of the barrel down to the knurled magazine cap. The cover just below the Cordura ‘snout’ doesn’t seem to enclose the forearm on the shotgun very well. NOTE ALSO: because of the close/tight fit of the Cordura ‘snout’ on the shotgun barrel, I would think that this cover will probably not fit onto any shotgun that is equipped with an Extended Magazine … (i.e., if your shotgun is a tactical or home defense model with an extended magazine, this cover may not work)

  2. Question, have you tried putting this set up in a backpack scabbard? I have just been wrapping my muzzle loader in a 55 gallon trash bag while in the high country. It works ok but is noisy and hold moisture inside.

  3. Lee Roberts says:

    I would like to purchase 4 Solo Guncases. I see they are 48″ long. I will be using for rifles that are shorter. Firstly do they make a shorter case? Where can I purchase them?

    Thanks and Safe Hunting

    Lee Roberts
    [email protected]

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